RECAP: Lots of Agreement on Sustainability Issues at 10C Town Hall

Less than two hours after they last all saw each other at Bishop Macdonell High School, three of the main party candidates running in Guelph this provincial election faced off again at 10C Shared Space. The topic for this town hall was how each candidate, and their parties, might work towards accomplishing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which covers everything from mental health to the environment, and there was lots of general agreement. Continue reading “RECAP: Lots of Agreement on Sustainability Issues at 10C Town Hall”

10C Gets Nearly $900,000 for Sustainable Development Goals

There’s been a lot discussion about how positive change in society might be incited as we recover from the pandemic, and nearly a million dollars helps buy a lot of positive change. On Wednesday, it was announced that Guelph’s 10C Shared Space, along with the Pillar Nonprofit Network in London, are receiving $899,921 from the Federal government to work towards sustainable development goals (SDG). Continue reading “10C Gets Nearly $900,000 for Sustainable Development Goals”