RECAP: The Seven Male Candidates Face Off at the Basilica

In what have been the most wild debate night in Guelph yet for this election cycle, the seven male candidates faced off in the basement of the Basilica of Our Lady in what could only be described a lively chat over questions submitted by the audience. Did abortion come up? You better believe it did. Twice. Check out the tweet-by-tweet recap below. Continue reading “RECAP: The Seven Male Candidates Face Off at the Basilica”

Dyck and Klevering Make Pre-Advanced Polls Pitch on OSG

It was another round of back-to-back interviews this past Thursday on Open Sources Guelph. Our guests this week were two well-known voices who appeared on the show before, one is the Green Party’s Steve Dyck, and the other is independent candidate Kornelis Klevering. What did they have to say before the advanced polls open? Continue reading “Dyck and Klevering Make Pre-Advanced Polls Pitch on OSG”


The history of Wellington-Halton Hills as a riding, is the history of Michael Chong. The riding was created in 2004, which was Chong’s first electoral victory, and he has been victorious ever since. Is it possible that a Liberal could come up now, and unseat a well-liked, and well-known member of the opposition party in a non-change election? Continue reading “WELLINGTON-HALTON HILLS POLITICAST – Dr. Lesley Barron, Liberal Party”

Concerns About Access Follow Guelph Chamber Debate

When it comes to local campaign, the major event of any race is the debate hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. But the Chamber is under fire from a couple of different corners after this past Wednesday’s debate, from accusations of not allowing access, to being undemocratic, to not being able to watch the debate live on Rogers. Continue reading “Concerns About Access Follow Guelph Chamber Debate”

RECAP: Muslim Society Asks Some New Questions in Another Local Debate

On Thursday night, four of the Federal candidates met at the Muslim Society of Guelph to be asked some questions they’ve been asked before, but also be asked some brand new questions, as well as queries on some previously undiscussed topics. An environmental bill of rights, Bill 21 in Quebec, provincial relations, and so much more was asked and answered by the candidates, and you can read the full blow-by-blow below. Continue reading “RECAP: Muslim Society Asks Some New Questions in Another Local Debate”

RECAP: The Guelph Chamber’s Federal Candidates Debate

On Wednesday night, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce held its regular candidates debate in the council chambers of City Hall. It was a first for new Chamber President and CEO Shakiba Shayani, and it featured a rare appearance by the Conservative candidate. Many questions were asked, and many were answered. Here’s the recap. Continue reading “RECAP: The Guelph Chamber’s Federal Candidates Debate”

GUELPH POLITICAST #191 – The Way of the Gun Control Debate

Last weekend, the movie Joker opened in thousands of theatres across North America, and police and law enforcement agencies in the U.S. were on their guard in case an active shooter seized on the opportunity. Good thing we don’t have to worry about that in Canada, right? But what if I told you though that Canada wasn’t even in the Top 40 of countries with the lowest rate of firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #191 – The Way of the Gun Control Debate”

Truscott and Paravolos Visit Open Sources Guelph

It was back-to-back candidate chat this past Thursday on Open Sources Guelph as two of the candidates stopped by the studio. In the first half, we had Christian Heritage Party candidate Gordon Truscott, and in the second half, we had People’s Party Candidate Mark Paralovos. What all did they have to say? Continue reading “Truscott and Paravolos Visit Open Sources Guelph”

RECAP: Guelph Candidates Chat About Environmental Issues

Four of the five major party candidates in Guelph took part in one of the “100 Debates on the Environment” held across the country tonight, this one was at Centennial C.V.I. Barbs were traded as the candidates tried to position themselves, and their party, as the best to tackle the most existential crisis of our times. So how did it all turn out? Continue reading “RECAP: Guelph Candidates Chat About Environmental Issues”

The Official Guelph Ballot Makes Us Ask, “Who is Michael Wassilyn?”

Wednesday was the deadline to be nominated to run in the 2019 Federal Election, and Guelph has nine people people on the ballot. Are you surprised at that number? You might be, because along with the eight known candidates, there’s a ninth independent candidate in the race, and it’s hard to find any information about him. Continue reading “The Official Guelph Ballot Makes Us Ask, “Who is Michael Wassilyn?””