PM Trudeau Meets with Guelph Advocates Fighting Homelessness

Fighting homelessness, and creating affordable housing, has been a fairly dominant topic for the last several years, and a lot of progress has been made lately in Guelph. Perhaps that success is what drew the attention of the Prime Minister of Canada as today, Justin Trudeau joined Lloyd Longfield and several local community leaders to talk about the efforts being made to eliminate chronic homelessness in the Royal City. Continue reading “PM Trudeau Meets with Guelph Advocates Fighting Homelessness”

Bill Blair Talks to Local Leaders About Gun Law Impact

In the midst of dealing with all things COVID, the Federal government is also in the process of working on new gun control legislation that they hope will have an impact on the various crimes involving firearms. There has been some criticism of Bill C-21 and whether it can actually have an effect on crimes where guns are used, but Public Safety Minister Bill Blair took part in meetings with area groups Thursday to try and make the point. Continue reading “Bill Blair Talks to Local Leaders About Gun Law Impact”

Federal Government Offers Cities Money They Were Going to Get Anyway

In his daily press briefing from Rideau Cottage Monday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada’s municipalities will be getting $2.2 billion in infrastructure money this month in a one-time payment. Cities, and the organizations that represent them, have been begging the Federal government for financial help, but this is probably not what they were thinking of exactly. Continue reading “Federal Government Offers Cities Money They Were Going to Get Anyway”

Trudeau Cabinet Favours Many Old Faces in New Roles

Almost a month after winning the 43rd Federal Election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed his new cabinet that will lead the minority Liberals into a fractured and cantankerous Parliament. If you don’t like learning new faces, the good news is that most of the cabinet are transfers from last term, though some of them have new jobs now. Continue reading “Trudeau Cabinet Favours Many Old Faces in New Roles”

PLASTIC FREE NEWS: Amazon Fires, Ocean Dangers, Greta in NYC, and MORE!!!

Plastic Free News is a weekly round up of environmental news from the local to the global. From the state of the climate emergency, to animal matters, to interesting stuff that makes living on Earth cool, Plastic Free News is here with all the details. So what’s going on this week? Continue reading “PLASTIC FREE NEWS: Amazon Fires, Ocean Dangers, Greta in NYC, and MORE!!!”

GUELPH POLITICAST #147 – Brent Patterson, Council of Canadians

The next Federal Election in Canada is less than 11 months away, and while all eyes are on the Conservative Party as the most direct threat to the re-election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, there are a lot of people on the left-hand side of the political spectrum that aren’t exactly fans of J.T. either. It’s probably safe to say that Brent Patterson is one of them. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #147 – Brent Patterson, Council of Canadians”

Guelph-Wellington’s a Smart City, as Pitch Passes First Round of Competition

In April, the City of Guelph and Wellington County revealed their submission for the Federal Government’s Smart City Challenge: the creation of the Canada’s first circular food economy. As luck would have it, the selection committee liked what Guelph and Wellington are offering, and now we’re off to round two. Continue reading “Guelph-Wellington’s a Smart City, as Pitch Passes First Round of Competition”

Zombie Play Tries to Make a Point About Electoral Reform for MP

One year after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that electoral reform was not going to happen, despite numerous promises to the contrary, a group of Guelph activists said that they’re still invested in holding the PM to his word. To do this, some concerned Guelphites decided to put on a little show, one that might appeal to the drama teacher background of the present occupant of the PMO. Watch the “zombies” descend on Lloyd Longfield’s constituency office. Continue reading “Zombie Play Tries to Make a Point About Electoral Reform for MP”

VIDEO: Justin Trudeau at Linamar. He Sees Stuff, Talks to People

The prime minister coming to town is big news, but does Justin Trudeau make any news when he comes to Guelph other than the fact that he was here? Today, as it was this time last year, the answer is no, but he made the day of a lot of the working folk at Linamar’s Innovation Centre in a tour of the plant floor that saw no press questions, and no PM answers (not that we would be able to hear ourselves anyway). We do, however, have the following video of his visit. Continue reading “VIDEO: Justin Trudeau at Linamar. He Sees Stuff, Talks to People”

Protest Closes Cork Street and Pushes MP for Electoral Reform

Justin Trudeau may be over electoral reform, but nearly 30 communities across Canada today wanted the prime minister to know that they’ve not forgotten a promise he supposedly made over 1800 times. Here in Guelph, which has taken the idea of reform to heart, well over 200 people showed up in front of the constituency office of MP Lloyd Longfield to keep pushing him to push the issue in the House of Commons. Continue reading “Protest Closes Cork Street and Pushes MP for Electoral Reform”