Are Weird Message Signs the Robocalls of 2019?

“What are you passionate about, Lloyd?” “Steve, what gets you motivated?” A picture shared with Guelph Politico on Monday morning showed a pair of unusual signs joining the usual election sign menagerie on a major street corner in Guelph. Who designed them? Who paid for them? And who put them there? The mystery remains. Continue reading “Are Weird Message Signs the Robocalls of 2019?”

An Artistic Critique of Guelph’s Election Signs

After all the talk of negativity, maybe what we need is levity. And since there are, apparently, a lot of people in the city interested in collecting signs, I was forced wonder if there was some artistic significance to them. So I decided to consult an expert. Scott McGovern, the programming director of Ed Video Media Arts Centre knows art, and he knows what he likes. He’s also politically astute, so when I reached out to Scott (who’s currently in Paris where is wife in an artist-in-residence), he was more than happy to lend his keen eye for colour and composition to the concept, and I present his insights below. Continue reading “An Artistic Critique of Guelph’s Election Signs”