GUELPH POLITICAST #218 – COVID Administrative Officer

From time to time, the Guelph Politicast likes to do a sit down with a member of City of Guelph staff to talk about their job in detail with all its day-to-day demands, challenges and rewards. This podcast is in the mode of one of those past explainers, but with a COVID-19 twist because what is possibly affecting City business more these days than the global pandemic? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #218 – COVID Administrative Officer”

City of Guelph Puts Some Full-Time Staff on Emergency Leave

Over 200 more City of Guelph employees are out of a job because of COVID-19. In an announcement made Friday afternoon, the City is temporarily putting 127 full-time employees on declared emergency leave temporarily. On top of that, most of the library’s staff is also being put on temporary leave, which all told means that about half to the City’s staff is now out of work because of the pandemic. Continue reading “City of Guelph Puts Some Full-Time Staff on Emergency Leave”

City of Guelph Has Cancelled All Programs and Events till July

In a move that definitely sends a message that we’ll be dealing with COVID-19 for the long haul, the City of Guelph has cancelled all events and programs at city facilities through to July 5. Although the facilities themselves are still closed until April 30, the City will be hosting no events, concerts, or gatherings at those building until well after Canada Day. Continue reading “City of Guelph Has Cancelled All Programs and Events till July”

The Top 10 Guelph News Stories of 2019

The year is coming to close, and the non-stop news cycle is about to go on a holiday hiatus. There’s been so much news to cover these last 12 month that it’s hard to nail the Top 10 stories of the year, let alone rank them all in order, but that’s the cross we bear in the news business at this time of year. So, without further ado, shall we get to the Top 10 political news stories in Guelph for 2019? Continue reading “The Top 10 Guelph News Stories of 2019”

Niska Road Days Away From Reopening as City Official Cut the Ribbon

Where once there was one, now there’s two. The new two-lane Niska Road Bridge is almost ready to receive cars, cyclists and pedestrians, and the City of Guelph marked the occasion with a special ribbon cutting and the announcement that traffic will start rolling over the bridge again soon. Continue reading “Niska Road Days Away From Reopening as City Official Cut the Ribbon”

City Engineer Gets a Promotion to the Command Level

Just in time for the annual meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario this coming week, the City of Guelph has named the latest addition to its executive staff with Kealy Dedman being promoted as Guelph’s new Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services. Continue reading “City Engineer Gets a Promotion to the Command Level”

S&P Extends AA+ Credit Rating For a Seventh Year

A prime indicator for the financial health of the Corporation of the City of Guelph, Standards & Poors has affirmed its AA+ credit rating for the City for a seventh straight year while adding that the outlook is still stable. Continue reading “S&P Extends AA+ Credit Rating For a Seventh Year”

ICYMI: Scott Stewart is the New CAO of the City of Guelph

Nearly seven months after the departure of the previous Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Guelph, city council announced Monday night that they had officially hired Deputy CAO Scott Stewart as the sole City employee directly accountable to council. Continue reading “ICYMI: Scott Stewart is the New CAO of the City of Guelph”

Guthrie and Stewart Pleased With AMO Meetings

As the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference winds up for another year, delegates from most of Ontario’s 444 municipalities are taking stock of their time with provincial government officials, and among them are members of the Guelph team. In the waning hours of this year’s conference, Guelph Politico talked to Mayor Cam Guthrie and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Scott Stewart about what was accomplished, and what the first AMO with the Ford government was like. Continue reading “Guthrie and Stewart Pleased With AMO Meetings”

Monday Morning Massacre at the MRF

A lot of people showed up for work at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) this morning, and found out that they may not have a job there for too much longer. In all, 18 employees of the MRF will no longer be working there as the City of Guelph tries to streamline the operation in advanced of the completed service review coming back to council. Continue reading “Monday Morning Massacre at the MRF”