Check Out Other Questionnaires from Community Groups

Still in an electoral quandary? Still don’t know who to vote for? Have you read the Guelph Politico candidate questionnaires and found them too general because you have deep-seated concerns about a very specific issue? Well, perhaps one of these local groups who developed their own questionnaire abut the issues they care about have got an answer to a question that you’ve already asked. Maybe, you will find the answer at a link below. Continue reading “Check Out Other Questionnaires from Community Groups”

Debates and All Candidates Meetings Are Coming this Week

After weeks of issues, discussion and door-knocking, the election really gets busy this week with a trio of upcoming all candidates meetings and debates. You can do it on a bike, or you can check out a discussion about social justice, or you can wait until next week and hear the candidates wrap about the climate. Continue reading “Debates and All Candidates Meetings Are Coming this Week”

Politics Mixes with Breakfast For Some of Guelph’s Most Vulnerable

The normal Wednesday morning community breakfast at Lakeside HOPE House had some special guests this week, another sign that the Federal Election is just a few weeks, if not a few days, away. Six of the candidates wanting to be Guelph’s next MP visited HOPE House Wednesday morning talk politics with some the City’s most vulnerable people over some scrambled eggs, sausage, and chocolate chip pancakes. Continue reading “Politics Mixes with Breakfast For Some of Guelph’s Most Vulnerable”

Cram Session: Watch the Debates and Listen to the Q&As for #ONelxn

Now some of you have voted already, but if the polls are correct, then there’s still a whole lot of you out there who are not sure, or may be interested in voting for someone else. If you need some help making that bog decision, Guelph Politico has gathered video, audio, and articles that tell you the thoughts of all the candidates on a host of issues. Continue reading “Cram Session: Watch the Debates and Listen to the Q&As for #ONelxn”

Ferraro Has Regrets and Other Notes from the Three Willows All Candidates Meet

Normally, Tuesdays at Three Willows Church in the summer means a dinner from the bounty of local food trucks, but this Tuesday it was local politics on the menu. The four major party candidates squeezed another event into a busy week of appearances to do a little Q&A with area residents. Continue reading “Ferraro Has Regrets and Other Notes from the Three Willows All Candidates Meet”

Notes From the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice Debate

Whether they had an appetite for change, or an appetite for politics, over 400 people flooded the Italian Canadian Club for the first Guelph debate of the 2018 Provincial Election. Standing room only gave way to organizers embiggening the room for more seats, as seven of the eight announced candidates sparred on a bunch of issues in a 150-minute set. Here’s what we learned… Continue reading “Notes From the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice Debate”

Guelph Politico Moderates [Almost] All Candidates Panel

In a vexing turn of events, Guelph Politico was invited to moderate an all-candidates meeting at the University of Guelph-Humber on Friday in advance of the provincial election. The topics were largely educational in nature, but might we be here looking to the future and what the tenure and tone of the debate will look like once the writ is dropped? Continue reading “Guelph Politico Moderates [Almost] All Candidates Panel”

Upcoming Election Events in Guelph

As of today, there’s just one month left till Election Day. With the campaign heating up, there’s a lot of election related events happening in the next couple of weeks. Here is a sampling: Continue reading “Upcoming Election Events in Guelph”