ICYMI: Taylor Plans to Reprise as None of Above Candidate in Fall Election

At the end of this week’s Guelph Politicast about injured workers and workers’ compensation, guest Paul Taylor announced his intention to run in this fall’s Federal Election as a candidate for the None of the Above Party. It will be the second time that Taylor has run under that party’s banner as a Guelph election candidate.

“On my closing note, I will say that I did talk to the leader of the None of the Above Party, and he’s asked me to run in the Federal Election,” Taylor said.

“I guess you could call it announcement, yeah,” Taylor added when asked if this as an official announcement of his candidacy. “I’ve just got to get my signatures. There’s 200 –  or is it 150? – people I need to sign [my nomination papers], so hopefully not too many people will slam the door in my face,” he said.

Actually, according to the Elections Canada website, you only need 100 signatures and proof of identity, along with being a Canadian citizen over the age of 18, to run as a candidate for Member of Parliament in your riding.

When Taylor last ran as a member of the None of the Above Party, he finished in fifth place behind Liberal candidate Sly Castaldi in last summer’s Provincial Election. Taylor secured 358 votes, or 0.55 per cent, and led the other “third party” candidates from the Libertarian, Ontario, and Communist Parties.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s party, None of the Above, has been a provincial party so far exclusive to Ontario. In 2018, NOTA ran 42 candidates across the province – over five-times as many as they had in 2014 – and garnered 0.28 per cent of the provincial votes. Taylor says that party leader Greg Vezina is in the process of creating a Federal branch of None of the Above.

“He’s working to gett the party recognized as a federal party, and he needs 250 members. It’s free, by the way,” Taylor said. “When he gets the 250 [memberships] he can send them off to Elections Canada and then we’re a registered party!”

Taylor will join Liberal Lloyd Longfield, the Green Party’s Steve Dyck, the People’s Party’s Mark Paralovos, the Conservatives’ Ashish Sachan, the NDP’s Aisha Jahangir, and the Christian Heritage Party’s Gordon Truscott on the slate as candidates in the Guelph riding for the 2019 general election.

Juanita Burnett appeared at the Lakeside HOPE House Community Breakfast Wednesday as the Communist Party candidate, which could mean that there will be as many as eight candidates on the Guelph ballot October 21.

Photo Credit: Paul Taylor with Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner, courtesy of Paul Taylor/IWWD

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