None of the Above’s Not a Federal Party, and Taylor’s Not Running

Despite the fact that there’s a national appetite for the option, there will be no None of the Above official party candidates on the 2019 election ballot. According to an email from the party leader to local candidates, the party missed the deadline to be recognized as a national political party in this election, and candidates will now run as independents. One of them though will not be Guelph candidate Paul Taylor.

In an email to Guelph Politico, Taylor said that the part of the election he was looking forward to was the fight about the centralization of political power. “I very much like the party’s platform of the 3Rs of democracy, I prefer to run just under that banner,” he said.

None of the Above’s platform includes what they call the three Rs of direct democracy: Referendum, Recall and Real electoral reform.

Among Taylor’s own issues is the exclusion of non-main party candidates from debates, even in the Guelph riding, which is one of the appeals of the three Rs of NOTA. “They exclude candidates and I, like a lot of people, want to hear what these other candidates have to say,” he said. “After all isn’t it our right to hear from them?”

Taylor says that he will now be dedicating his free time to continuing the advocacy for injured workers through the Injured Workers of Wellington and Dufferin, which you can hear all about on a recent edition of the Guelph Politicast.

As for the official federal party dreams of the None of the Above Party, leader Greg Vezina told his candidates that because the party’s registration was only filed on September 11, the day before the writ was issued, None of the Above will not be allowed to run candidates officially until the first by-election after the October 21 general.

“We intend to promote our candidates as independent Direct Democracy NOTA Party representatives,” Vezina said.

None of the Above had 36 candidates across the country.

Presently, Guelph has seven candidates who have announced their intention to run in this riding. The deadline for filing nomination papers with Elections Canada is September 30.

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