Schreiner Makes History in Competitive Guelph Race

Guelph made Ontario political history last night by electing the province’s first Green Party Member of Provincial Parliament. Mike Schreiner’s victory came after what looked like a very tight race in the riding, but in the end, Schreiner won his seat in what can only be described as a “blow out” result for the Green Party of Ontario leader. Continue reading “Schreiner Makes History in Competitive Guelph Race”

Mooney Running as Independent After Alliance Ditches Local EDA

Thomas Mooney has found himself embroiled in more party politics, which is kind of the opposite of his message, as he has parted ways from the Alliance Party of Ontario after the provincial party has seemed to cut ties with five of its Electoral District Associations (EDA), including Guelph. Continue reading “Mooney Running as Independent After Alliance Ditches Local EDA”

Notes From the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice Debate

Whether they had an appetite for change, or an appetite for politics, over 400 people flooded the Italian Canadian Club for the first Guelph debate of the 2018 Provincial Election. Standing room only gave way to organizers embiggening the room for more seats, as seven of the eight announced candidates sparred on a bunch of issues in a 150-minute set. Here’s what we learned… Continue reading “Notes From the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice Debate”

The Provincial Election Has More or Less Begun

Although we know it’s been coming for months (if not years), Premier Kathleen Wynne made the move today to finally drop the writ and let the election for the 42nd Ontario legislature begin. Continue reading “The Provincial Election Has More or Less Begun”

Q&A with Alliance Party of Ontario Candidate Thomas Mooney

He made news last summer by deciding not to run, but now he’s running for an upstart party that’s aiming to be an alternative to voters across the entire spectrum fed up with politics as usual. The Alliance Party of Ontario wants to bring provincial politics back to the grassroots, and their local candidate is Thomas Mooney, a man that knows all about standing up for what he believes in. A few weeks ago, Mooney took part in a Q&A with Guelph Politico… Continue reading “Q&A with Alliance Party of Ontario Candidate Thomas Mooney”

Former PC Nominee Mooney Becomes Ontario Alliance Candidate

Famously last summer, Thomas Mooney decided that he couldn’t run for the local candidacy of the Progressive Conservative Party due to the old leadership of Patrick Brown. It turns out, even under new leadership, he doesn’t want to be the face of the PCs in Guelph and has instead found a new party to run for. Quite literally. Continue reading “Former PC Nominee Mooney Becomes Ontario Alliance Candidate”

PC Nominee Drops Out Over Party Politics

Last month, Green Party Mike Schreiner became the first person to be made a candidate for Guelph’s seat in the 2018 provincial election, but now the local Progressive Conservative party is making news. Not for putting forward a candidate, but for loosing one. Continue reading “PC Nominee Drops Out Over Party Politics”