The Top 10 Guelph News Stories of the Decade

In a few days, the second decade of the the 21st century will be in the history books, and we’ll be back again in the Roaring ’20s. Before leaving all this behind, let’s take one look back at the decade, and rate the 10 biggest political news stories that happened in and around the Royal City for the last 10 years. Continue reading “The Top 10 Guelph News Stories of the Decade”

Better Ballot Hopes to Promote Better Behaviour in Fall Campaign

Minutes before the final City Council meeting before the Municipal Election, a group of Guelph citizens gathered to encourage candidates and voters alike to be on their best behaviour and avoid the harassment, and the perpetuation of harassment, while on the campaign trail for the next several weeks. Continue reading “Better Ballot Hopes to Promote Better Behaviour in Fall Campaign”

Farbridge Campaign Takes Credit For Controversial Ad

It wasn’t exactly a “whodunnit?” on par with Agatha Christie, but when the Guelph Tribune appeared on doorsteps across the Royal City Thursday, one ad in particular caught their eye, and it was unknown who might have placed such a provocative bit of negative advertising. Continue reading “Farbridge Campaign Takes Credit For Controversial Ad”

PRESS RELEASE – City and Urbacon Settle Out of Court for Over $6.5 Million

If you’re running for re-election to city council this is probably both good news and bad news. Good news because with the announcement of a settlement marks the end of what can liberally be called a debacle for the City of Guelph; but on the other hand it puts the issue right back on the front page as it were. Continue reading “PRESS RELEASE – City and Urbacon Settle Out of Court for Over $6.5 Million”

With VIDEO – Farbridge Launches Campaign with Broadsides Against Front-runner

Being ushered to the train station on the corner of Carden and Wyndham Streets by a brass quartet, one might be confused as to whether or not Mayor Karen Farbridge was kicking off her campaign with a joyful tone or with a New Orleans-style funeral procession. When she began to speak, however, there was no doubt that Farbridge is in it to win it. Ferociously defensive of her leadership-style and he vision as mayor, Farbridge made it perfectly clear that she’s out to secure her fourth term in office despite the polls or the perceptions of the pundit class. Continue reading “With VIDEO – Farbridge Launches Campaign with Broadsides Against Front-runner”

Guthrie Leads Farbridge in Forum Poll

It must be an election because we now have polling data. In a Forum Poll released Tuesday looking at the Guelph Mayoral race, it seems as if current mayor, Karen Farbridge, had best be prepared to look for new work on October 28. Of course, this poll comes fairly early in the (real) campaign, and we all know the unreliability of polling in the last couple of years, but is it an indication that Farbridge may come up short for a fourth term in office, and that Cam Guthrie’s gambit to trade his Ward 4 seat for the mayor’s chain will work out? Continue reading “Guthrie Leads Farbridge in Forum Poll”

GCL Invites You to Question the Mayor

The Guelph Civic League is hosting a redux of Mayor Karen Farbridge’s State of the City address later this week, and it will be followed by a Q&A with the Chief Magistrate of the Royal City with citizens invited and encouraged to ask questions of the Mayor. Continue reading “GCL Invites You to Question the Mayor”

Farbridge Gambles on Another Term as Mayor

Today at City Hall, the woman who currently holds the keys to the Mayor’s office made her bid to hold on those keys by announcing her intention to run for another term. If successful, this would be Farbride’s third consecutive term, fourth overall, but arguably she will have much stiffer competition this year than she did in 2010. Continue reading “Farbridge Gambles on Another Term as Mayor”

Farbridge Gearing Up for Re-Election?

There weren’t any new candidates added to the 2014 election ballot today, maybe the crummy weather has something to do with it. But there was still election news, a tease if you will, and it comes from current Guelph Mayor Karen Farbridge. Is Farbridge about to announce her bid for a third consecutive (and fourth overall) term as the leader of the Royal City? Continue reading “Farbridge Gearing Up for Re-Election?”