GUELPH POLITICAST #349 – What’s Next? Part 3: The Candidates

While the 13 members of the new city council will have the next four years to refine their ideas about the issues facing Guelph, it feels like we just forget the people who also ran for office just as soon as the results are called. In 2022, nearly 40 people felt like they had the right stuff to be one of Guelph’s civic leaders, so we’re dedicating this episode to the people that didn’t win. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #349 – What’s Next? Part 3: The Candidates”

RECAP: 5 Mayoral Candidates Answer Audience Questions at Dublin United

With a little over two weeks to go until Election Day, the vast majority of the mayoral candidates were finally able to put their heads together at the same debate. The venue was the Dublin Street United Church, and the questions covered a variety of matters from housing and affordability to transit and the environment. Did any of the challengers make a case for their election, or did Guthrie convince you to stay the course? Continue reading “RECAP: 5 Mayoral Candidates Answer Audience Questions at Dublin United”


“I am running for head of council so that I can help get us on a better path as a society: Where we all share the whole economic pie instead of giving most of it to a few corporations, leaving crumbs for the rest of us. One that leads to real environmental sustainability. To long overdue justice for indigenous peoples, as well as other people of colour.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Danny Drew, Mayor”

Half-Dozen Choices for the Next Mayor of Guelph

For the longest time it looked like Cam Guthrie was going to run unopposed this election, but in the last week something happened. Guthrie filed his papers to run for re-election way back on May 3, the second day that candidates could submit their nomination, and suddenly, this week, there were five competitors for the role. Who are these new faces that want to the head of Guelph city council? Continue reading “Half-Dozen Choices for the Next Mayor of Guelph”

(Finally) Cam Guthrie Has Competition in the Mayor’s Race

It’s been the persistent question since the start of the 2022 Municipal election in May: IS there anyone in Guelph willing to challenge Cam Guthrie in the mayoral race? It turns out, in this last week of the campaign, there is. If you’re looking for something completely different in a mayor, you may have found your best option in the “local non-binary communist” who just threw his hat in the ring. Continue reading “(Finally) Cam Guthrie Has Competition in the Mayor’s Race”