Mlynarz Runs for Mayor, and Yes, She’s In It to Win It

With nominations for the municipal election closing on Friday, Mayor Cam Guthrie had just over four days left before being acclaimed as the head of Guelph’s city council for another four years. On Monday morning though, one candidate came forward to say “Not so fast”, and she made it clear that she’s not going to let you hold her youth and inexperience against her. Continue reading “Mlynarz Runs for Mayor, and Yes, She’s In It to Win It”

Mlynarz Decides to Try for Mayor Instead

She came within a quarter of a per cent of taking second place in Guelph’s provincial election race, but it sounds like she’s not prepared to settle for second this fall by running in the municipal election. Aggie Mlynarz has announced that she intends to run for Mayor of Guelph against the incumbent Cam Guthrie on October 22. Continue reading “Mlynarz Decides to Try for Mayor Instead”

ELECTION UPDATE: No Mayoral Competition Yet, and 3 Incumbents Yet to Announce

It’s now less than two weeks till nominations close for 2018 municipal election candidates, so it seems like a good time to review the field, and look at the trends. Will the mayor run unchallenged? Might the entire council we have now be re-elected? And who might stand in the way of making that happening? Continue reading “ELECTION UPDATE: No Mayoral Competition Yet, and 3 Incumbents Yet to Announce”

GUELPH POLITICAST #16 – Joseph St. Denis, Mayoral Candidate

Can a shoeless man become Mayor of Guelph? Joseph St. Denis is betting he can. St. Denis entered the race this past spring with a goal of shaking up the status quo. Regular politicians aren’t good enough to represent us, he argues, and the poor voter turnout in the 2010 election reflects that. Maybe its not the quality of politics, he proposes, but the content of our politicians. He may not be as polished, he may not have a platform, and he may not have a pair of shoes, but that doesn’t mean that St. Denis isn’t in it to win it. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #16 – Joseph St. Denis, Mayoral Candidate”

GUELPH POLITICAST #15 – Andrew Donovan, Mayoral Candidate

Andrew Donovan has the distinction of being the youngest person in the Guelph Mayoral race, and although others in the race may certainly seem that way in terms of platform, he’s also the race’s only avowed libertarian. Entering the race late in August, Donovan, who graduated from the University of Guelph just this past spring, aimed to shed some light on issues other than the ones getting the most air this campaign, which is mostly tied to Urbacon and whether or not Guelph is overspent, and overtaxed.  Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #15 – Andrew Donovan, Mayoral Candidate”

Mayoral Debate and Candidate Meet-and-Greet at U of G

The next big event on the Municipal Campaign trail is taking place next week on the University of Guelph campus. The Community Engagement and Global Citizenship wing of Student Life is hosting a mayoral debate and candidate meet and greet for those running in Wards 5 and 6 in the University Centre courtyard on Tuesday during the noon hour. This will be the first time the mayoral candidates will clash in the direct appeal for votes, and it will be a chance for those running in Ward 5 and 6 to get together prior to their separate October 3 Chamber of Commerce debates at City Hall. Continue reading “Mayoral Debate and Candidate Meet-and-Greet at U of G”

GUELPH POLITICAST #14 – Jason Blokhuis, Mayoral Candidate

Jason Blokhuis came into the Guelph Mayor’s race hoping to shake things up, and break open what sometimes feels like a two man (so to speak) race. The University of Waterloo prof thinks that the choice in this election need not come down to one between the status quo of Karen Farbridge versus the populist appeal of Councillor Cam Guthrie. Instead, he wants to make an appeal for smarter government, a point of view that says maybe we can be the progressive city we know and love while still being shrewd and prudent with how we spend our tax money. A controversial opinion to be sure. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #14 – Jason Blokhuis, Mayoral Candidate”

VIDEO – Guthrie Official Launches Campaign with Barbeque

The last time Cam Guthrie called all his supporters together for a campaign event, it was a blizzard-y day in January to announce his intention to run to become Mayor of Guelph. On this Thursday evening in September though, the weather was better, but the crowd wasn’t any less enthusiastic nine months later about supporting their man Guthrie in his bid. With camera in hand, I went to Guthrie’s official opening of his new campaign HQ on Wyndham St. S. and talked to some of the people who were there to celebrate the occasion, what their issues were and why they’re supporting Guelph. Both of the main contenders have officially launched their campaign now, so it’s a race to Election Day now, everyone. Watch the video below. Continue reading “VIDEO – Guthrie Official Launches Campaign with Barbeque”

The Guelph Ballot for the 2014 Municipal Election

As compared to evenst in Toronto, it was a fairly quiet final day to add one’s name to the ballot for next month’s municipal election. But as of 2 pm today, the ballot is set, and for better or worse, this is the slate of candidates for all positions – mayor, city councillor, and school board trustee. Here’s the final ballot for the election in all positions: Continue reading “The Guelph Ballot for the 2014 Municipal Election”

GUELPH POLITICAST #13 – John Legere, Mayoral Candidate

The election season officially gets underway on Guelph Politico today with the launch of season four of the Guelph Politicast. This season will deal with the 2014 Municipal Election, and will predominately focus on interviews with the candidates running for Mayor of Guelph. At bat first is John Legere, a local businessman and family man who was one of the first ones in the race this past January. Legere’s main issue is the promotion of transparency in government, and creating what he calls a “a truly representative government,” and he’s launched a grassroots campaign to test the waters for his idea. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #13 – John Legere, Mayoral Candidate”