Guelph Announces First Downtown Dining District for this Weekend

As approved by Guelph City Council last month, the City of Guelph will open the proverbial door for the first downtown dining district this weekend. The intersection at Wyndham and Macdonell Streets will be closed to allow restaurants to extend their patios into the streets for the weekend in what the City is calling a “pilot” to assess the viability of these districts before more of them are approved. Continue reading “Guelph Announces First Downtown Dining District for this Weekend”

City of Guelph Offers Expanded Options for Patios and Curbside Pick-Up

Friday marked the beginning of Ontario’s Stage 2 economic re-opening in Guelph and other select areas. For area restaurants and bars that means being allowed to serve more than take-out, but only if they have a patio for people to dine al fresco. Because of that condition, and because not everyone has a patio ready to go, the City of Guelph wants to make it easier for people to dine outdoors and set up their ad hoc patios. Continue reading “City of Guelph Offers Expanded Options for Patios and Curbside Pick-Up”

What a Day for a Parkade! City Opens New Facility with Fanfare

The new Market Parkade on Wilson Street opened with unusual fanfare Saturday morning as representatives of the City of Guelph, the Downtown Guelph Business Association, and the regualr crowds making their way to the Farmers’ Market took a few minutes to take in the ribbon-cutting of Guelph’s newest parking amenity. Continue reading “What a Day for a Parkade! City Opens New Facility with Fanfare”

City Celebrates First New Parkade in [Emphasis] 30 Years!

30 years. If today’s groundbreaking of the Wilson Street Parkade was a drinking game, the key phrase would be “30 years”. In remarks before the groundbreaking, Mayor Cam Guthrie, Chief Administrative Office Derrick Thomson, and executive director of the Downtown Guelph Business Association Marty Williams wanted to make sure everybody knows that this is the first new parkade in the city’s core in 30 years. Continue reading “City Celebrates First New Parkade in [Emphasis] 30 Years!”

Downtown is Cool with the Change in Hillside Dates

As reported in the Guelph Tribune the other day, the Hillside Festival is conceding victory to WayHome after two years of struggle against the upstart music festival just a few hours further away than our own Guelph Lake. The 34th annual Hillside Festival will be held on the weekend of July 14-16, which is a couple of weeks earlier than normal, but does it also put Hillside into conflict with another of Guelph’s summer festivals? Continue reading “Downtown is Cool with the Change in Hillside Dates”