RECAP: 3 Out of 6 Mayoral Candidates Talk Housing Issues

With early voting set to begin at the end of the week, Monday began appropriately with a mayoral debate. The venue was the Italian Canadian Club, the host was the Guelph and District Association of Realtors, and the topic was the only topic: housing. Cam Guthrie, John Edward Krusky, and William Albabish took the stage to talk about their ideas around Guelph’s housing issues, and the solutions they have to offer. Continue reading “RECAP: 3 Out of 6 Mayoral Candidates Talk Housing Issues”


“I am running for head of council so that I can help get us on a better path as a society: Where we all share the whole economic pie instead of giving most of it to a few corporations, leaving crumbs for the rest of us. One that leads to real environmental sustainability. To long overdue justice for indigenous peoples, as well as other people of colour.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Danny Drew, Mayor”


“Because Guelph needs a “Mayor” & we don’t have one. We have a “head of Council” under oath to THE CITY STATE & we have a GLOBAL MAYOR working for the World Economic Forum. Neither position works for us, in case you haven’t noticed.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Shelagh McFarlane, Mayor”

Guthrie Takes the Hot Seat in Open Sources’ Last Interview Before Election Day

The podcast version of Open Sources Guelph is usually posted on Monday, but to give you a head start for Election Day, which is also Monday, the decision was made to give it to you Saturday instead.

On Thursday, Mayor Cam Guthrie joined the Open Sources’ hosts in studio to talk about the last four years, and what might be ahead for the next four years.

Follow the link below, or search “Guelph Politicast” and download on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

Open Sources Guelph

Our municipal election is coming to a close, and so is the municipal election coverage on Open Sources Guelph. We know, don’t try and hide your disappointment. In the season finale of our coverage, we will welcome to the show the second of two mayoral candidates in this election, a man who is no stranger to the Open Sources audience or the Open Sources hosts.

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Mlynarz Talks About Running for Mayor on Open Sources Guelph!

As the 2018 Municipal Election enters the end game, Open Sources Guelph returned to its live format last week with the first of two big interviews.

Last Thursday, Mayoral candidate Aggie Mlynarz dropped by CFRU to talk about her campaign, the issues, and what her vision is for the City of Guelph.

Follow the link below, or search “Guelph Politicast” and download on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

Open Sources Guelph

It’s been a hustle and bustle these last few weeks to get 19 of your city council candidates onto Open Sources Guelph. Thankfully, for the next two weeks, we’re going to be doing something more laid back, and by laid back, we mean host a couple of very important interviews. For the next two weeks we’re going to talk to two people, and only one of them will be the next mayor of Guelph on October 22.

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Tell Open Sources Your Questions for the Mayoral Candidates

For the next two weeks on Open Sources Guelph, we’re going to be hosting hour-long, live interviews with Guelph’s two mayoral candidates. Do you have a question you want them to answer? Tell us! Continue reading “Tell Open Sources Your Questions for the Mayoral Candidates”

VIDEO: Watch the First Full Mayor’s Debate Between Guthrie and Mlynarz

A lot of you have been looking for a way to watch Wednesday’s mayoral debate at the Italian Canadian Club, and the fate’s have answered… Continue reading “VIDEO: Watch the First Full Mayor’s Debate Between Guthrie and Mlynarz”

RECAP: Guthrie and Mlynarz Face Off in First Mayoral Debate

Guelph’s two mayoral candidates debated for the first time at the Italian Canadian Club tonight in an event hosted by the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice. What did they say on the issues? Who got in their licks? Wast there any controversy? Check out Guelph Politico’s recap below. Continue reading “RECAP: Guthrie and Mlynarz Face Off in First Mayoral Debate”