Top 10 Guelph News Stories of 2021

If it’s December, then it’s time for end of the year lists, and what a year it was in the Royal City! We had a not-surprising surprise election, and we had to get ready for two more. Housing was a major issue, but so was the environment, and the year saw a lot of people get back into the habit of protesting. Transit made some news, so did downtown disgruntlement, and the Dolime Quarry, but what ended up number one? Let’s find out. Continue reading “Top 10 Guelph News Stories of 2021”

Guelph Gets [Not Much of] a Response from Mulroney on Regional Transit Issues

Greyhound buses were a vital link for Guelph offering express services to and from Toronto and Kitchener. Those days are gone now, but don’t worry because the Ministry of Transportation Ontario has received the desperate letter from the Mayor, the University of Guelph and the Chamber of Commerce, and they are ready to help us! You know, if someone else wants to help us. Continue reading “Guelph Gets [Not Much of] a Response from Mulroney on Regional Transit Issues”

Greyhound’s Canadian Operations the Latest COVID Casualty

In a big hit to interregional transit in Ontario and Quebec on Thursday, Greyhound announced that they were ceasing all Canadian operations effective immediately. The private bus operator is saying that they can’t afford to continue with what remains of their Canadian service, completing a rollback that began in western Canada over two years ago, and permanently affecting transit service to and from Guelph. Continue reading “Greyhound’s Canadian Operations the Latest COVID Casualty”

Permanent Funding, Safety Needs, and the Ontario Line All Part of Transit Debate

Public transit doesn’t fall within the immediate jurisdiction of the Federal government, but what happens in Ottawa concerning transportation policy affects the whole country. New spending on transit, connecting rail links, airport authority, marine shipping, and more was discussed in a special debate held in Toronto by Transport Futures. Continue reading “Permanent Funding, Safety Needs, and the Ontario Line All Part of Transit Debate”

Greyhound Cancelling Trips Between Guelph and Kitchener

Bad news for local commuters travelling between K-W and Guelph, especially if you take the Greyhound. Starting on December 10, the bus line will be running fewer trips between the Royal City and Kitchener, merging mid-day and night schedules due to low ridership. Continue reading “Greyhound Cancelling Trips Between Guelph and Kitchener”