Residents Win! Metrolinx No Longer Looking to Build TPS in Margaret Greene

Last summer, residents in the communities around Margaret Greene Park strained outdoor gathering limitations to tell City of Guelph officials and a couple of comms professionals from Metrolinx to share their outrage. It was a hot summer day, and nearly six months later on a cold winter’s day, Metrolinx has announced that the park is safe. They will not be placing a traction power station behind the park after all. Continue reading “Residents Win! Metrolinx No Longer Looking to Build TPS in Margaret Greene”

Kitchener Post Moving to All-Digital at the End of the Month

If you’re concerned about the erosion of the local media landscape, then this probably won’t be the best news you’ll hear this week. The Kitchener Post, a weekly newspaper that has been publishing in Kitchener since 2011, will be eliminating its print publication at the end of the month and will be going all digital. Continue reading “Kitchener Post Moving to All-Digital at the End of the Month”

Transit News: ION Begins, Wroute Ends, and No More Conestoga UPass

Travelling around the region via public transit is about to get easier. And harder. Especially if you’re a student. Check out all the details in this latest regional transit news. Continue reading “Transit News: ION Begins, Wroute Ends, and No More Conestoga UPass”

Problems on the Kitchener GO Train Line Follow Service Expansion

On January 7, a new train was added to the Kitchener-Toronto line of Go Transit. The move was made with a lot of fanfare at a special announcement before the holidays, a modest measure to tide people over until two-way, all-day GO service comes to fruition. It turns out though, adding 25 per cent more trains isn’t as easy as it seems. Continue reading “Problems on the Kitchener GO Train Line Follow Service Expansion”

GUELPH POLITICAST #139 – Jason Hammond, Wroute

There’s been a lot of discussion about regional this year with elections at the two government levels most directly responsible for creating it. Transit within the city is important, but unless you’re going to Toronto, public transit out of Guelph is somewhat limited. Perhaps private industry can fill the void? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #139 – Jason Hammond, Wroute”

Greyhound Cancelling Trips Between Guelph and Kitchener

Bad news for local commuters travelling between K-W and Guelph, especially if you take the Greyhound. Starting on December 10, the bus line will be running fewer trips between the Royal City and Kitchener, merging mid-day and night schedules due to low ridership. Continue reading “Greyhound Cancelling Trips Between Guelph and Kitchener”