City Invites You to Ride the Bus for Free on Wednesday

The City of Guelph will be marking the annual Clean Air Day this coming Wednesday June 5. If you’re interested in doing your part to help clean the local air, the City is allowing everyone to ride Guelph Transit for free all-day. Continue reading “City Invites You to Ride the Bus for Free on Wednesday”

RECAP: Schreiner Gets an Earful About Local Concerns at Town Hall

In advance of the upcoming Provincial budget, Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner held a town hall Saturday afternoon at the West End Rec Centre to get feedback, but the session covered a wide variety of issues including education, healthcare, transit, and which Conservative politicians he can express admiration for. Continue reading “RECAP: Schreiner Gets an Earful About Local Concerns at Town Hall”

Wroute Expands Through the Region, and All the Way to Burlington

After a successful start in September running rides every half-hour from Guelph to Kitchener, the new passenger service Wroute is already expanding to several new stops including the University of Guelph, the Waterloo Region Airport, and locations in Burlington.  Continue reading “Wroute Expands Through the Region, and All the Way to Burlington”

Transit Riders: the City and a New Advocacy Group Want Feedback!

Undoubtedly, there are issues with Guelph Transit. You’ve got yours, you’ve probably talked about them on social media and to friends, but now, two different groups in the city are ready to listen. Continue reading “Transit Riders: the City and a New Advocacy Group Want Feedback!”

Greyhound Cancelling Trips Between Guelph and Kitchener

Bad news for local commuters travelling between K-W and Guelph, especially if you take the Greyhound. Starting on December 10, the bus line will be running fewer trips between the Royal City and Kitchener, merging mid-day and night schedules due to low ridership. Continue reading “Greyhound Cancelling Trips Between Guelph and Kitchener”

Now This is How You Ride the Bus

It was on this day last year that the tensions between the City and Guelph Transit workers was finally resolved after a protracted and antagonistic negotiation that culminated in a lockout of the bus drivers and mass disruption to the lives of bus users. One of the problems with the way transit is run in this city, from both the point of view of management and the point of view that those that have the option to not use transit, is that taking the bus is only a grueling, uncomfortable experience. Well, at least the City of Edmonton is looking to change that opinion.

Continue reading “Now This is How You Ride the Bus”

MacDonald to Go From Weatherman to Waterloo Mayor

If we can step out of our own municipal race for a second, which already has four people on the ballot for mayor, we can look slightly westward to Waterloo, which, as of yesterday, has one candidate for mayor, and it’s someone you may already know. If you’ve ever watched the news on CTV’s Kitchener station, then you probably at some point got the weather from Dave MacDonald, and now the former weatherman is making his bid to be Mayor of Waterloo. Continue reading “MacDonald to Go From Weatherman to Waterloo Mayor”