Horwath Comes to Guelph in Campaign-Style Announcement

In a campaign-style announcement on Thursday morning, Official Opposition leader Andrea Horwath landed in Guelph with a couple of her NDP colleagues to talk about her party’s plan to promote the use of electric vehicles. The setting, next to some EV charging stations, was not subtle, and neither was the political message. In the home of Ontario’s first Green MPP, Horwath wanted to make the point that she’ll be better on the environment file. Continue reading “Horwath Comes to Guelph in Campaign-Style Announcement”

Greyhound’s Canadian Operations the Latest COVID Casualty

In a big hit to interregional transit in Ontario and Quebec on Thursday, Greyhound announced that they were ceasing all Canadian operations effective immediately. The private bus operator is saying that they can’t afford to continue with what remains of their Canadian service, completing a rollback that began in western Canada over two years ago, and permanently affecting transit service to and from Guelph. Continue reading “Greyhound’s Canadian Operations the Latest COVID Casualty”

GUELPH POLITICAST #270 – On-Demand Transit is Lit!

Belleville is a little bigger than one-third the size of Guelph, but next month we’re going somewhere that Belleville’s been for a while. Since the invention of public transit, it’s been run simply by posting a map, scheduling the stops, and running buses and trains with regularity. It was static, it was predictable, and it was the simplest way we knew how to run a transit system. But is all that about to change? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #270 – On-Demand Transit is Lit!”

Federal Government Announces New Permanent Funding for Transit… in 2026

People aren’t using public transit the way they once did thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Federal government isn’t planning for transit this year, but transit in the years to come. An announcement this morning with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna promised $14.9 billion in new transit funding for the next eight years, but we’re not going see most of that till 2026. Continue reading “Federal Government Announces New Permanent Funding for Transit… in 2026”

Government of Ontario Has Public Transit Safety Guidelines For Everyone

One of the biggest hurdles to getting back to so-called “normalcy” is public transit. How can all those people that need to get to work, school and everything ride the bus or train safely while in close quarters where social distancing is hard? The Government of Ontario might have some direction in this specific area of municipal affairs. Continue reading “Government of Ontario Has Public Transit Safety Guidelines For Everyone”

TAAG Joins the Push For More Emergency Transit Funding

COVID-19 has hit transit services across the country especially hard; municipalities have had to maintain some kind of service to make sure essential workers can still get where they need to go, while revenue has almost completely dried up. Transit advocates across the country, including the Royal City’s own Transit Action Alliance of Guelph, are turning up the heat on the Federal government to offer financial help for the nation’s transit systems. Continue reading “TAAG Joins the Push For More Emergency Transit Funding”

Ontario’s Southwestern Transportation Plan Leaves Guelph Projects Uncertain

The Government of Ontario unveiled its first draft of a Regional Transportation Plan for Southwestern Ontario on Friday in London. The plan is meant to “build a better transportation system that will connect individuals, families and businesses in southwestern Ontario,” but when the plan might come to fruition is a question without too many answers. Continue reading “Ontario’s Southwestern Transportation Plan Leaves Guelph Projects Uncertain”

GUELPH POLITICAST #203 – The Transit Pass with TAAG

It’s been an interesting year for transit and transit enthusiasts in the Royal City. A lot has stayed the same, there’s been some signs of changes coming, and there’s even been a few changes made, but what about the bigger picture? Are we more confident about the exciting transit future of Guelph, or are we more pessimistic? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #203 – The Transit Pass with TAAG”

GUELPH POLITICAST #202 – A Very Transit Christmas

Merry Christmas! (Though this is far from a holiday-themed podcast.) Yes, it’s a transit themed podcast this Christmas week as we go backward to the Transit Summit and Town Hall hosted by the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) that happened in November to hear from the three out-of-town guests who took part in the festivities. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #202 – A Very Transit Christmas”

The Province’s Cancels Hamilton’s LRT to Much Surprise and Outrage

Just another normal day at Hamilton City Hall this was not. Actually, it wasn’t even at City Hall. Ontario’s Minister of Transportation, Caroline Mulroney, was in the Steel City on Monday to announce that the Government of Ontario was pulling $1 billion to build light rail transit (LRT), but she didn’t even get a chance to deliver the bad news because she was hustled out of town under police escort. Continue reading “The Province’s Cancels Hamilton’s LRT to Much Surprise and Outrage”