GUELPH POLITICAST #266 – This Woman’s Work Didn’t Stop for COVID

In the pandemic, some people have been lucky enough to get to work at home, but there are still thousands of people in Ontario that have to go to a physical work location everyday, and they’re putting themselves in danger of catching COVID-19 in the process. Are these people being protected like they should, and who is looking out for them? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #266 – This Woman’s Work Didn’t Stop for COVID”

GUELPH POLITICAST #147 – Brent Patterson, Council of Canadians

The next Federal Election in Canada is less than 11 months away, and while all eyes are on the Conservative Party as the most direct threat to the re-election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, there are a lot of people on the left-hand side of the political spectrum that aren’t exactly fans of J.T. either. It’s probably safe to say that Brent Patterson is one of them. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #147 – Brent Patterson, Council of Canadians”