Students Call for More Climate Action in Latest City Hall Protest

A couple of high school students rallied in front of City Hall on Friday afternoon after walking out of their classrooms to call on council to declare a climate emergency and initiate the actions to back it up. Continue reading “Students Call for More Climate Action in Latest City Hall Protest”

RECAP: Zoning, Library, and Transit Discussed at Ward 5 Town Hall

On Thursday night, several Ward 5 residents came out to take part in a town hall organized by Councillors Cathy Downer and Leanne Piper. The topics included an overview of the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review, an update about the Baker District Redevelopment, and the new main library branch, and some Q&A. This is the recap. Continue reading “RECAP: Zoning, Library, and Transit Discussed at Ward 5 Town Hall”

Things We Learned at the Ward 5 Town Hall

Although not the same draw it was back in the fall after Homecoming, a Ward 5 town hall last night at St. Michael Catholic School brought over 40 people out to hear from their city councillors and city staff about the progress made in preventing another excess of partying, and to hear about student housing issues. Continue reading “Things We Learned at the Ward 5 Town Hall”

VIDEO: Guelph Central Station is Complete with Ribbon Cutting

It’s been a long, long road since ground was first broken on Guelph Central Station with the demolition of the old Greyhound Bus Terminal (2011), but the hub is now complete with the official ribbon cutting marking the end of renovations at the historic train station. In a ceremony this morning, Mayor Cam Guthrie, members of council, MP Lloyd Longfield, MPP Liz Sandals, and representatives from VIA Rail, Metrolinx, Greyhound and Guelph Transit re-opened the train station, ready to serve the future. Continue reading “VIDEO: Guelph Central Station is Complete with Ribbon Cutting”

Galatianos Fights City Hall and Wins.. Ish

If Jim Galatianos can take pride in one thing, it’s that he managed to subvert the old adage, “You can’t beat city hall.” But that surely comes as cold comfort to the former city council candidate who spent nearly six years and thousands of dollars to get City of Guelph staff to admit that they overstepped their authority when they removed what they called “debris,” and added a charge to his tax bill for the privilege. Continue reading “Galatianos Fights City Hall and Wins.. Ish”