CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Morgan Dandie, Ward 2 Councillor

“Since moving here, I have become involved in many aspects of the community, and now I want to be a Councillor for Ward 2 in order to provide service to the greatest number of people at the level of government closest to their day-to-day life. I believe I have the ability to to understand nuances of issues to address these seemingly different groups and collaborate to create a greater sense of community connection.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Morgan Dandie, Ward 2 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Elia Morrison, Ward 2 Councillor

“I am running because while Guelph is an amazing place to live, we have a long way to go to ensure that we are a city that is equitable and affordable for everyone. As a city we have been unwilling to make the bold choices that will lead us to a greener, more affordable, and inclusive future – a future that I hope to help move us towards.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Elia Morrison, Ward 2 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Carly Klassen, Ward 2 Councillor

“Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, my professional experience was focused on helping organizations build and execute marketing strategies, building relationships with stakeholders and helping people to collaborate on completing projects. I know how to analyze and synthesize information, negotiate, compromise and make decisions. I like working with people and seeing projects through to completion.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Carly Klassen, Ward 2 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Rodrigo Goller, Ward 2 Councillor

“Over the last four years I have enjoyed connecting with my constituents over coffee, on the phone, via email or at in-person or virtual town-halls, to understand your thoughts and priorities on all important issues coming to Guelph City Council. If I am re-elected, I will continue to provide accessible and accountable leadership in our Ward.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Rodrigo Goller, Ward 2 Councillor”

Municipal Election Nominations Update Week #11

It’s election season here in Guelph! The nominations are open for this fall’s Municipal Election, and interested residents are filing their papers to run for positions as mayor, for city council and for a spot on one of the local school boards. Each week, this space will break down who’s new to the race, who’s running again, and where we’re still waiting for someone to show an interest! Continue reading “Municipal Election Nominations Update Week #11”

GUELPH POLITICAST #332 – Rookies No More!

While every city council term brings its own unique challenges, it’s safe to say that no one’s seen challenges quite as unique as the ones experienced over the last two-and-a-half years. As we head into summer break for council, and as we head toward the final month of nominations to run in the October 24 municipal election, we’re sitting down with Guelph’s newest city councillors to talk about their experiences. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #332 – Rookies No More!”

RECAP: Ward 2 Warms Up a Week of Public Feedback on the Budget

It was not the biggest of virtual crowds on Wednesday night, but it likely provided a nice warm up for a whole week of public events and town halls about this year’s budget. Here’s the recap of the Ward 2 virtual town hall about the 2021 Guelph Budget including questions about trails, prioritizing infrastructure, and the appearance of increasing the police budget, no matter how slightly, in this of all years. Continue reading “RECAP: Ward 2 Warms Up a Week of Public Feedback on the Budget”

RECAP: Cobey Promises Change in Ward 2 Town Hall on Policing

Before the start of the pandemic, there was a town hall scheduled by the Ward 2 City Councillors Rodrigo Goller and James Gordon to talk about safety and policing in Guelph with Police Chief Gord Cobey. COVID-19 cancelled that in-person meeting at the Evergreen Seniors’ Centre, but a couple of months later, the virtual version of that same town hall seemed even more well-timed as about 40 people wanted to talk about issues of racism. Continue reading “RECAP: Cobey Promises Change in Ward 2 Town Hall on Policing”

RECAP: Ward 2 Town Hall Covers PACE, and Previews Future Struggles

On Saturday, Ward 2 City Councillors Rodrigo Goller and James Gordon held one of their bimonthly town halls at the Evergreen Seniors Centre. Much of the meeting covered the work being done by Our Energy Guelph, including the PACE program, but there were hints about what might be coming at Monday’s planning meeting, and at the end of the month concerning dog parks. Watch the video, or recap the town hall below: Continue reading “RECAP: Ward 2 Town Hall Covers PACE, and Previews Future Struggles”

Goller Defends Motion on Supportive Housing on OSG

Although the vote to direct City of Guelph to look at developing the land at 106 Beaumont did not go his way, Ward 2 Councillor Rodrigo Goller has no regrets about his advocacy on the file. This past Thursday on Open Sources Guelph, Goller talked about the hectic last month at council, fighting for housing, and the fight to come at Tuesday’s budget meeting. Continue reading “Goller Defends Motion on Supportive Housing on OSG”