GUELPH POLITICAST #271 – Takin’ Care of Business

As you may have noticed, it’s a tough time out there for businesses, and a tougher time for businesses run by Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Colour. No one knows that better than Chidi Nwene because he talked to BIPOC-owned businesses to discuss their struggles in this third wave of the pandemic. What he learned was not necessarily surprising, but it still needs to be said. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #271 – Takin’ Care of Business”

Upper Grand School Board Votes to End School Resource Officer Program

The Upper Grand District School Board voted to discontinue its School Resource Officer (SRO) program at the board’s monthly meeting on Tuesday night. After nearly a year of work, the board enacted all the recommendations of the Police Presence in Schools Task Force, which effectively ends a program to have police officers regularly in schools, but maintains a relationship between schools and police. Continue reading “Upper Grand School Board Votes to End School Resource Officer Program”

AGG and Guelph Museums Get Federal Money for BIPOC Programming

Two local cultural institutions are getting a big assist from the Federal government. In a virtual announcement today, Guelph Member of Parliament Lloyd Longfield announced on behalf of Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault that the Art Gallery of Guelph and the Guelph Civic Museum will receive $100,000 from the Federal government. The funds will help support BIPOC programing, and assist with their safe re-opening. Continue reading “AGG and Guelph Museums Get Federal Money for BIPOC Programming”

Protestors Make It Clear in Canada Day March: ‘Defund the Police’

The slam of a hammer against wood echoed throughout the street. It was the sound of a demonstrator hitting the post of a sign depicting a gravestone into the carefully manicured grass in front of the Guelph police headquarters late on Wednesday. Like many communities across Canada, Guelph activists spent the anniversary of the country’s birth demanding an end to police brutality, and to add their voices to the “Defund the police” movement.
Continue reading “Protestors Make It Clear in Canada Day March: ‘Defund the Police’”