Guelph Police Twitter Account Takes Down Blue Lives Matter Banner

How often do you look at the banner image at the top of a Twitter page? Probably not that often, but that top image may be the source of a big headache for the Guelph Police Service. An image of a “Blue Lives Matter” flag had, until today, appeared at the top of a Guelph Police Twitter account, and though it’s now gone, there’s still a concern about who is responsible, and if they understood that the symbol has more than one meaning. Continue reading “Guelph Police Twitter Account Takes Down Blue Lives Matter Banner”

Guthrie Doesn’t Make Friends With Tory Retweets

Mayor Cam Guthrie has received some backlash for posts on Twitter endorsing statements made by provincial and federal Conservative officials this week, including a response from an elected school board trustee. Continue reading “Guthrie Doesn’t Make Friends With Tory Retweets”

What’s the Deal with the Gordon/Gibson Twitter Kerfuffle?

After the previous meeting, a nice quiet productive meeting was on the books as council discussed matters of two planning applications and an endorsement of $5,000 in support for the victims of the wildfire in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. And then Councillor James Gordon raised a point of order. Continue reading “What’s the Deal with the Gordon/Gibson Twitter Kerfuffle?”