Healthcare Workers are “Crying Out for a Life Raft”

Another weekend in Ontario means another weekend of hospital closures as healthcare workers struggle again to cover widening gaps in the system, and they’re crying out for help. This was the message from representatives of healthcare worker unions and advocacy groups at a media availability on Friday as they laid out a five-point plan the Provincial government could take to turn the issue around right now. Continue reading “Healthcare Workers are “Crying Out for a Life Raft””

Ontario’s Opposition Leaders Unite and Stand With Health Workers

On Thursday morning, the leaders of two different unions representing healthcare workers demanded that the Ontario government bring the legislature back early to deal with the urgent human resources crisis in the province’s health facilities, and they had some powerful optics to back them up. All three of Ontario’s opposition leaders joined them on the call to demand more action from Premier Doug Ford. Continue reading “Ontario’s Opposition Leaders Unite and Stand With Health Workers”