ONgov Offers Nurses $5,000 to Stick Around, Many Unimpressed

Nurses. We say they’re our heroes, but is that how we treat them? Through the course of the pandemic, many politicians, activists, and nursing representatives have said we don’t treat them like heroes, and that responsibility has been thrown at the feet of the Ontario government. So on Monday, the health minister literally raised the ante by $5,000, which will be made available to Ontario’s nurses if they stay in the nursing business. Continue reading “ONgov Offers Nurses $5,000 to Stick Around, Many Unimpressed”

“We Just Need Someone to Respect Us.” Nurses Hopeful After Meet with Premier

On Thursday, members of the Ontario Nurses Association met with Premier Doug Ford in-person to discuss the help that their 60,000 members need right now to hire, retain, and assist nurses through to the end of the pandemic and beyond. “We just need someone to respect us,” ONA First Vice-President Angela Preocanin said in an interview with Guelph Politico after their meeting with Premier, which she says was actually hopeful. Continue reading ““We Just Need Someone to Respect Us.” Nurses Hopeful After Meet with Premier”

Schreiner Wants Some Action on Ontario’s Nursing Shortage

On Monday, the Ontario Legislature will get back to work after an extended summer break thanks to the fact that Premier Doug Ford prorogued the session just as the Federal Election got underway. When Members of Provincial Parliament return to Queen’s Park there will be a lot of business for them to tackle, and one of the issues that Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner wants to make a priority is nursing. Continue reading “Schreiner Wants Some Action on Ontario’s Nursing Shortage”