Anti-Lockdown Protests Week #4: No Speeches, No Interviews, Lots of Yelling!

For a month now, a small group of people have been gathering in Market Square every SAturday to protest Ontario’s COVID response. It’s impossible to distill the beliefs of everyone there into a simple sentence or paragraph, but there was one thing abundantly clear at the most recent gathering: Whatever welcome members of the local media had at these gatherings, it has more or less expired. Continue reading “Anti-Lockdown Protests Week #4: No Speeches, No Interviews, Lots of Yelling!”

COVID Skeptics Challenge Media to Represent Them “Right”

For the third Saturday in a row, a small group of the vaccine hesitant, people that might be called conspiracy theorists, and others who are just concerned about the inadequacies of the government’s COVID-19 response, gathered in Market Squared to hash it out. This time, there’s a perceptible increase in hostility towards the media covering the event as attendees believed that the coverage they’re getting does not accurately reflect their beliefs. Continue reading “COVID Skeptics Challenge Media to Represent Them “Right””

Less Organized, Still Misinformed; COVID Skeptics Gather Downtown Again

Less than 24 hours after the Provincial government announced stricter lockdown measures, including new police powers and the closure of playgrounds, there was a requisite response from Guelph’s small but vocal group of skeptics. They say they’re not-anti-mask, but they are anti-lockdown, vaccine hesitant, and that they think the government is somehow both tyrannical and incompetent at the same time. Continue reading “Less Organized, Still Misinformed; COVID Skeptics Gather Downtown Again”

GUELPH POLITICAST #269 – Pandemics Make Strange Bedfellows

The most dramatic cultural shift of the pandemic has not been “care-mongering”, or an appreciation of essential workers, it’s been the growing number of people who believe that the things we all see and hear are fake, and reality is something entirely different. With the province locked down again, these groups have found a curious new ally: small business owners. So now what happens? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #269 – Pandemics Make Strange Bedfellows”

Conspiracy Theories and Science Denial on Display Downtown at “COVID is Over” Rally

They said not to take “hugs over masks” literally, but there was one guy on the corner soliciting hugs. They said it wasn’t an anti-mask protest, but at one point a speaker stopped everything to burn a mask before the cheering crowd. The messages were mixed, but the messaging was as plain as day. The anti-mask movement landed in St. George’s Square Sunday afternoon attracting around 50 people, mostly maskless, all eager to deflect from the reality of the situation. Continue reading “Conspiracy Theories and Science Denial on Display Downtown at “COVID is Over” Rally”

Anti-Mask Event Planned for Downtown Guelph This Sunday

Guelph has done pretty well avoiding the kind of anti-mask, anti-COVID restriction demonstrations that have popped in other places. (A mask burning event last weekend in Idaho comes to mind.) But this weekend, the controversy comes to town, and it seems like have a Who’s Who in anti-masking, anti-vaxxing and conspiracy theories are going to be on hand for the festivities. Continue reading “Anti-Mask Event Planned for Downtown Guelph This Sunday”

Anti-Mask and Anti-Anti-Mask Protests Happening in Guelph Sunday

The anti-mask movement will hit Guelph on Sunday with a planned gathering at Riverside Park from 1 pm to 4 pm. Seemingly organized by four area residents, a Facebook event page was posted on Monday followed swiftly by an event page for a counter-protest. The moves make Guelph the latest battleground in the intersection between public health orders, conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic, and yes, QAnon. Continue reading “Anti-Mask and Anti-Anti-Mask Protests Happening in Guelph Sunday”