GUELPH POLITICAST #194 – “Back to School” with Mike Schreiner

This week, after a five-month long hiatus, it’s finally “Back to School” time for the Ontario Legislature. Observers have been wondering if the extended break might allow for a more collegial tone to fall on Queen’s Park, especially as the government faces a number of pressing and challenging issues. Who better to ask if this is the case than our own MPP Mike Schreiner?

As you all know, the late return of the Legislature is due to the Federal Election. After Justin Trudeau and the Liberals retained power, it looked like a new Doug Ford was taking over, he was making media appearances, and talking about how the Feds and the Province will now work together to improve life for everyone. That’s a big change from the ruckus, combative Ford regime we’re seen so far in Question Period.

Schreiner’s not so sure he buys this new tone. True, it looks like efforts are being made, but the Ford government is still chasing a Supreme Court challenge to the carbon tax, is still insisting gas stations post their anti-carbon tax stickers, and is still facing labour disruption with teachers and other provincial employee unions. How long can the shiny happy version of Ford Nation last? Is it even built to last?

On this edition of the podcast, Schreiner will talk about his criticism of the carbon tax court challenge, and why Premier Ford should give it up in the wake of the election. He also talks about how the new tone worked, at least on the first day of Question Period, and why he suspects that it might not last. Schreiner then discusses why people need to keep up the pressure on the government over the next couple of months, and why he hopes that his private members bill to protect the Paris-Galt Moraine might bring people together.

So let’s hear from Mike Schreiner as he gets back to work at Queen’s Park on this edition of the Guelph Politicast!

If you would like to hear from Schreiner live and in-person, he will be hosting an AMA, Ask Mike Anything, on November 14 at the 10C Shared Space in Downtown Guelph. For more information, you can find it on Schreiner’s Facebook page.

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