CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Martha MacNeil for Ward 1/5 Upper Grand District School Board Trustee

Martha MacNeil is one of two incumbents to represent Wards 1 and 5 on the Upper Grand District School Board. Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Martha MacNeil for Ward 1/5 Upper Grand District School Board Trustee”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Cathy Downer for Ward 5 Councillor

Cathy Downer successfully returned to city council in 2014 after a break in her long tenure as a counillor. And she’s not done yet… Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Cathy Downer for Ward 5 Councillor”

Things We Learned at the Ward 5 Town Hall

Although not the same draw it was back in the fall after Homecoming, a Ward 5 town hall last night at St. Michael Catholic School brought over 40 people out to hear from their city councillors and city staff about the progress made in preventing another excess of partying, and to hear about student housing issues. Continue reading “Things We Learned at the Ward 5 Town Hall”

Bob Senechal (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire

Active in politics for many years now, Bob Senechal hopes to now join city council and represent the people of Ward 5. If you know the name then you might remember the 2007 Provincial Election when Senechal ran locally for the Progress Conservatives under John Tory (who, as you may have heard, is also making a run at local politics). Continue reading “Bob Senechal (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Scott Butler (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire

First time candidate Scott Butler joins an active and accomplished slate in Ward 5 as one of six candidates looking to represent the voters in and around the University of Guelph neighbourhood on city council. Continue reading “Scott Butler (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Alex Green (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire

Ward 5 candidate Alex Green grew up just south of Guelph, and went to high school at Centennial C.V.I. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a BSc in Mathematics, where he also showed a talent for being funny, writing for a humour themed U of T student newspaper. He was also active in several organizations that attempted to increase student participation in the political process. Continue reading “Alex Green (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Dimitrios “Jim” Galatianos (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire

Dimitrios “Jim” Galatianos is running for city council in Ward 5, and to say that he has an axe to grind is something of an understatement. He’s been fighting a legal battle the last four years with the City of Guelph over by-law enforcement on his property, which Galatianos feels was excessive in its reach and reaction. Continue reading “Dimitrios “Jim” Galatianos (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire”