CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings for Ward 4 Councillor

After a four-year hiatus, Christine Billings returned to council as one of two new representatives for Ward 4, and now she’s asking for four more. Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Christine Billings for Ward 4 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Mike Salisbury for Ward 4 Councillor

Mike Salisbury is in a tight race in Ward 4, so he’s hoping that his experience will make the difference in this year’s election. Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Mike Salisbury for Ward 4 Councillor”

Greg Schirk (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire

Like many candidates, Greg Schirk’s pride and dedication to the Royal City comes from spending most of his life as a Guelphite. He grew up in Guelph and then studied carpentry and broadcasting at Conestoga College. Career-wise, Schirk is a licensed glazier metal mechanic and has a successful career selling energy efficient window and door products to home owners and property managers. Continue reading “Greg Schirk (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Laurie Garbutt (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire

Laurie Garbutt has taught in the public school system for 28 years, serving as a Staff Officer and on the Executive of the Upper Grand Local of the Ontario Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) since 2011. Through her work with the ETFO, Garbutt helped to develop the CURB KIT (Common Use Resources for Bullying: A Prevention Toolkit for all Classrooms) for all schools in the Upper Grand District School Board, which was supported and endorsed by the Human Rights Commission of Ontario. Outside of school, Garbutt is heavily involved in the arts working with theatre groups, performing, musically directing, or working with various production teams and baords in the Royal City’s artistic community. Garbutt says she, “strives to give endless volunteer hours and expertise to our growing city,” and now she wants to include city council in that capacity. Her responses to the candidate questionnaire are below: Continue reading “Laurie Garbutt (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Rob Dunn-Dufault (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire

Rob Dunn-Dufault grew up in Hamilton, but he’s made Guelph home for over 20 years now. After studying Chemistry at the University of Guelph, he stayed in town, married and is currently raising his three children in Ward 4. Continue reading “Rob Dunn-Dufault (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Mike Salisbury (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire

Mike Salisbury loved being city councillor so much that even though he lost his seat to now-mayoral candidate Cam Guthrie in the 2010 municipal election, he’s rolling the dice again in the open field of the Ward 4 race. Continue reading “Mike Salisbury (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire”

City Hall Reporter Wants to Become the Reported

All those years of reporting and blogging about local issues and the business of City Hall apparently gave former Guelph Mercury journalist Scott Tracey a kind of Stockholm syndrome. Or maybe he’s just now of the opinion that if he can’t beat them, join them. Or, the more likely, he’s being driven by a sense of civic pride and commitment. Regardless of the reason why, Tracey is throwing his hat into the ring for this fall’s municipal election running in the very busy Ward 4 race. Continue reading “City Hall Reporter Wants to Become the Reported”