Top 10 Guelph News Stories for 2022

What a year! Perhaps you don’t need to be told, but from this side of the computer it was a very busy news year indeed. For the last 11-and-a-half months it’s felt like not a day’s gone by without some major breaking news, or another new development in long-term stories as our community absorbed one challenge after another. From new maps to new councils, and from election changes to changing issues, let’s count off the Top 10 Guelph news stories for 2022! Continue reading “Top 10 Guelph News Stories for 2022”

Commission Hears Feedback About New Combined Guelph-Halton-Wellington Riding

On Wednesday night, the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario opened their Zoom lines for people in Guelph, Wellington County, Halton Region and Mississauga to talk about the proposed changes to the electoral map. The voters in these areas might be looking at some pretty big changes to their current ridings, and they had some very specific thoughts about the proposed maps. Continue reading “Commission Hears Feedback About New Combined Guelph-Halton-Wellington Riding”

Guelph Might Be Two Ridings in New Distribution Model

You may not be aware, but Elections Canada is presently in the process of reviewing district boundaries across the country. Since 2004, Guelph has been a riding on its own, but as we all know Guelph is a rapidly growing city, and a single MP can only represent so many people. So will this review affect our Guelph togetherness going forward? It looks like the answer is yes. Continue reading “Guelph Might Be Two Ridings in New Distribution Model”