GUELPH POLITICAST #181 – Kevin Bowman, 123 Guelph

London has done it. Cambridge and Kingston might do it. But how about Guelph? How about the other 440 cities, towns and villages in the Province of Ontario? Because they can do it if they want thanks to the last provincial government! Get your mind out of the gutter because the “it” we’re talking about is ranked ballots for municipal elections. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #181 – Kevin Bowman, 123 Guelph”

B.C. Says “No” to Electoral Reform in Third Referendum

The electoral reform hopes of the nation were disappointed yesterday when the results of the British Columbia referendum were announced, and the status quo was overwhelming endorsed by the electorate. Continue reading “B.C. Says “No” to Electoral Reform in Third Referendum”

Zombie Play Tries to Make a Point About Electoral Reform for MP

One year after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that electoral reform was not going to happen, despite numerous promises to the contrary, a group of Guelph activists said that they’re still invested in holding the PM to his word. To do this, some concerned Guelphites decided to put on a little show, one that might appeal to the drama teacher background of the present occupant of the PMO. Watch the “zombies” descend on Lloyd Longfield’s constituency office. Continue reading “Zombie Play Tries to Make a Point About Electoral Reform for MP”

Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2017

It’s the end of the year, and that means that it’s time for lists. Lists and more lists. Top 10s on every conceivable subject. Guelph Politico also likes to do lists this time of year, and the subject we chose is the Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of the Year. From retirements to mergers, from reviews stalled and reviews achieved, and from one renovation project nearing completion to another finally making it on the books, it was another busy year in the Royal City. Let’s countdown the hits in order… Continue reading “Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2017”

LISTEN: Chong and May Talk about Government Reform and Turning Parliament Inside Out

As you may have heard, electoral reform is a hot button issue in Guelph, which is why when Fair Vote Guelph decided to bring a couple of high-profile federal figures to town to talk about it, a few hundred people were interested in hearing what they had to say. So if you happened to have missed the talk featuring Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May and Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong on Tuesday, this is your chance to hear it. And if you did happen to the be there, this is your chance to hear it again. Continue reading “LISTEN: Chong and May Talk about Government Reform and Turning Parliament Inside Out”

Democracy Guelph Still Hopeful on Reform at Street Celebration

Earlier this summer, the House of Commons seemed to put the final nail in the coffin on electoral reform when the government voted against accepting the recommendations of the special Commons committee. Democracy Guelph is aiming to say though that the coffin hasn’t been nailed shut. In fact, there is no coffin. Continue reading “Democracy Guelph Still Hopeful on Reform at Street Celebration”

Nathan Cullen Rallies Ideas to Push for Electoral Reform in Guelph

Nathan Cullen is traveling across the country to rally support for electoral reform, and with that as a goal, bringing his message to Guelph was the closest thing to a layup in modern politics. Nearly 100 people came to the Guelph Civic Museum Friday night to hear Cullen’s message, and if you couldn’t make it, now you can hear it too. Continue reading “Nathan Cullen Rallies Ideas to Push for Electoral Reform in Guelph”

Longfield to Hold 2 Town Halls, and Debate an NDP Leader Candidate

Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield is going to have a busy couple of weeks with three big events, two informational, and one to engage in civil discourse with a colleague from across the aisle. If you like discussing the federal budget, electoral reform and/or mental health, then these are going to be good times ahead for you. Continue reading “Longfield to Hold 2 Town Halls, and Debate an NDP Leader Candidate”

Electoral Reformers Try to Convince Longfield to Promote a Guelph-Made Proposal

Phase two of Democracy Guelph’s charm offensive to get Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to put electoral reform back on the national menu began tonight at eBar by appealing to a necessary member of Trudeau’s caucus, Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield. The official launch of Local Proportional Representation was meant to appeal beyond the audience of one though, it’s a kick-off to a city-wide campaign to make push reform forward by convincing people that LPR is the best way to make it happen. Continue reading “Electoral Reformers Try to Convince Longfield to Promote a Guelph-Made Proposal”

The “Made in Guelph” Electoral Reform Solution Workshopped

In the basement of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, as the music from the rehearsal organ echoed nearby, about two dozen people gathered to parse the so-called “Guelph Model”, an electoral reform proposal that’s meant the thread the eye of several different needles in order to meet a whole lot of different expectations. But does it work? Continue reading “The “Made in Guelph” Electoral Reform Solution Workshopped”