GUELPH POLITICAST #282 – The Future with Guelph’s Exec Team

As we start reaching the potential end of the pandemic, it seems prudent to pause and ask the question, what does the future for Guelph look like? In a few months when almost everyone is vaccinated, do we go back to the way things were, or do we embrace a new normal? The logical place to start answering those questions is to ask the three people who manage City of Guelph services, and their boss. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #282 – The Future with Guelph’s Exec Team”

RECAP: Ward 2 Warms Up a Week of Public Feedback on the Budget

It was not the biggest of virtual crowds on Wednesday night, but it likely provided a nice warm up for a whole week of public events and town halls about this year’s budget. Here’s the recap of the Ward 2 virtual town hall about the 2021 Guelph Budget including questions about trails, prioritizing infrastructure, and the appearance of increasing the police budget, no matter how slightly, in this of all years. Continue reading “RECAP: Ward 2 Warms Up a Week of Public Feedback on the Budget”

CUPE Unions Have Ratified New Agreement with the City

Although many members of the City of Guelph workforce have found themselves laid off as a result of the pandemic, when the members of three public unions return to work they will at least be doing so with a new agreement. Three Canadian Union of Public Employees locals that represent City of Guelph staff have approved a deal reached between them and the City at the end of last month. Continue reading “CUPE Unions Have Ratified New Agreement with the City”

City of Guelph Announces New Deal With Unions

In the rush of new information daily about the City of Guelph response to COVID-19, one of the threads that’s gotten lost is the ongoing negotiations between the City, and three of their public workers’ unions to secure a new contract. Well, while we weren’t watching, it turns out that the City and those unions have struck a new tentative agreement. Continue reading “City of Guelph Announces New Deal With Unions”