This Month at Council Part 2: Three Workshops and a Park Name

In part two of our monthly recap of city council, we’re going to cover a laundry list of issues discussed at three council workshops, from parking to systemic racism to growth. And to finish things off, we will review the regular council meeting where some naming controversy was settled with a celebration of Guelph history. Continue reading “This Month at Council Part 2: Three Workshops and a Park Name”

Naming Committee Says Keep “Courtney, Goines and Malott” Names on Park

Earlier this month, at the planning meeting of city council, a motion to make some adjustments to the recommendations in the Municipal Property and Building Commemorative Naming Report was deferred to the regular meeting. After consulting with the Naming Committee, a new park on Poppy Drive will be named after four Black soldiers that fought in World War One after all. Continue reading “Naming Committee Says Keep “Courtney, Goines and Malott” Names on Park”

Wellington County Wants to Buy 65 Delhi For Transitional Housing

At a December council meeting where it was recommended that the City of Guelph sell the property of 65 Delhi Street there was a request among councillors to find a buyer that would use the heritage building for a public good. Mission: accomplished! In a media release on Tuesday, the City said that none other than the County of Wellington wants to buy 65 Delphi, and then turn it into transitional housing. Continue reading “Wellington County Wants to Buy 65 Delhi For Transitional Housing”

This Month at Council: The Budget, Heritage, and Accessory Apartments

Four meetings of city council took place this month, and there was a lot of action on a lot of different files. The big one was the 2021 budget, and there’s always lots of friction around those issues, but there were also some contentious debates on heritage matters and accessory apartment policy too. So let’s look back at what happened this past month at city council, and the last batch of council meetings for 2020. Continue reading “This Month at Council: The Budget, Heritage, and Accessory Apartments”

City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the January 27 Planning Meeting?

After a brief regular meeting, we will get what will surely be a longer planning meeting with two statutory meetings for two re-zoning applications, and a consent agenda that features an Official Plan amendment, two sign bylaw variance requests, and a heritage exemption request. Continue reading “City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the January 27 Planning Meeting?”

Let’s Tour Doors Open Guelph!

It’s time again for the annual celebration of local heritage by going behind the scenes in some of Guelph’s many famous and historically relevant buildings with Doors Open Guelph. Guelph Politico is taking part by trying to see how many sites I can visit during the day with 15 different stops spread out across the City. Continue reading “Let’s Tour Doors Open Guelph!”

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of the Petrie Building Renovations

This Saturday is Doors Open Guelph, the annual behind-the-scenes tour of all the places you’d like to see but don’t normally have access to. One of the pit stops in this year’s edition is the Petrie Building, which is a chance for the public to see the long and hotly anticipated renovation of the much neglected downtown Guelph heritage building. Due to circumstances, only the second floor will be open to visitors Saturday, but back in February members of city council, staff, and the media were given a behind the scenes tour of the work in progress, and now you can take that tour too… Continue reading “VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of the Petrie Building Renovations”