The Month at Council: Planning Decisions, COVID Money, and Paused Procedures

It was an unusual month at city council, because August meetings of city council are themselves unusual. At the three meetings, we heard two planning decisions, the latest (and last?) COVID response meeting, and a very long regular meeting, which generated more than its share of friction. Here’s the recap of our once in a blue moon August month at city council. Continue reading “The Month at Council: Planning Decisions, COVID Money, and Paused Procedures”

GUELPH POLITICAST #233 – Parks or Wreck

Despite conventional wisdom about there being no news in August, over 100 people went to Margaret Greene Park last week to confront City councillors, staff, and Metrolinx reps about a plan to build a traction power substation in a portion of the park. The events in the west end capture in a microcosm of big concerns about public engagement, and development running roughshod over neighbourhood concerns. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #233 – Parks or Wreck”