VIDEO: Justin Trudeau at Linamar. He Sees Stuff, Talks to People

The prime minister coming to town is big news, but does Justin Trudeau make any news when he comes to Guelph other than the fact that he was here? Today, as it was this time last year, the answer is no, but he made the day of a lot of the working folk at Linamar’s Innovation Centre in a tour of the plant floor that saw no press questions, and no PM answers (not that we would be able to hear ourselves anyway). We do, however, have the following video of his visit. Continue reading “VIDEO: Justin Trudeau at Linamar. He Sees Stuff, Talks to People”

Protest Closes Cork Street and Pushes MP for Electoral Reform

Justin Trudeau may be over electoral reform, but nearly 30 communities across Canada today wanted the prime minister to know that they’ve not forgotten a promise he supposedly made over 1800 times. Here in Guelph, which has taken the idea of reform to heart, well over 200 people showed up in front of the constituency office of MP Lloyd Longfield to keep pushing him to push the issue in the House of Commons. Continue reading “Protest Closes Cork Street and Pushes MP for Electoral Reform”

Reporter’s Notebook: What Does a Prime Minister Photo Op Look Like?

You may noticed that coverage of the Prime Minister’s visit to Guelph didn’t say much, because when Justin Trudeau was here he didn’t say anything. Well, he did talk to staff at Polycon, a plant owned by Magna on Independence Road, but nothing was said to the dozen or so in the local press that was there, no announcement, and no speech about the awesomeness of Guelph and/or Canadian manufacturing. Still, I’m sure there’s some curiosity out there: What does a prime ministerial photo op look like? Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: What Does a Prime Minister Photo Op Look Like?”

Trudeau Comes to Guelph; Sees Some Stuff

It was a good day to be on the first shift at the Magna Polycon plant on Independence Road in Guelph, because work literally came to stop as a special guest toured the facilities and made play that he was a regular everyday Joe Lunchbox. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in town for a photo op this afternoon, and in true Trudeau Mania fashion, it was a mob scene. Continue reading “Trudeau Comes to Guelph; Sees Some Stuff”

Trudeau #First100: Reasons for Optimism; Challenges Ahead, Says Panel

Friday marked the end of the first 100 days in office for the 42nd Parliament and the government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. The October 19th election last fall saw not just a change in government, but the beginning of a highly ambitious agenda of grand promises and firm deadlines along with the day-to-day priorities of governing. So, 100 days later, a panel of experts gathered at the University of Guelph to talk about how it’s going so far. Continue reading “Trudeau #First100: Reasons for Optimism; Challenges Ahead, Says Panel”

GUELPH POLITICAST #26 – Lloyd Longfield, MP-Elect

After nine years in the cold of the Opposition bench, Guelph has a seat in government again, and it will be filled by former Chamber of Commerce president Lloyd Longfield. The newly elected Libeal Member of Parliament for Guelph sat down with the Guelph Politicast this past week for his first, full-length post-election interview. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #26 – Lloyd Longfield, MP-Elect”

Valeriote Adds Veterans Affairs to List of Liberal Duties

Justin Trudeau may be the face of the party, but it seems that Guelph MP Frank Valeriote is doing all the heavy-lifting. Now, along with deputy whip and co-chair of the policy caucus, Valeriote will head up the Liberal Party’s criticism on Veteran’s Affairs in the Commons. Valeriote’s new position in the Liberal caucus was announced Monday. Continue reading “Valeriote Adds Veterans Affairs to List of Liberal Duties”