PLASTIC FREE NEWS: Amazon Fires, Ocean Dangers, Greta in NYC, and MORE!!!

Plastic Free News is a weekly round up of environmental news from the local to the global. From the state of the climate emergency, to animal matters, to interesting stuff that makes living on Earth cool, Plastic Free News is here with all the details. So what’s going on this week? Continue reading “PLASTIC FREE NEWS: Amazon Fires, Ocean Dangers, Greta in NYC, and MORE!!!”

Guelph’s Going to Protest Trump Too

You may have heard about the more than 200,000 people that are heading to Washington D.C. this weekend to protest incoming President Donald Trump. You may have read about the quartet of Guelph women who are going to join them. But if you can’t make the trip yourself, or even go to a solidarity march just down the road in Toronto at Queen’s Park, then there’s good news. The Royal City’s going to show their anti-Trump colours too. Continue reading “Guelph’s Going to Protest Trump Too”

Make Guelph Great Again?!?!

Here in Canada, we like to look at the Presidential Election circus south of the border with a degree of smug self-satisfaction, but you never know, maybe people in Canada like what Trump’s standing for, whatever it is. Some of them, may even go to the University of Guelph. Continue reading “Make Guelph Great Again?!?!”