The Politico Calendar for March 2020

March means spring, it also means Daylight Savings time, and if it comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion and vice versa. In between all that though, there are a great many events for anyone looking for something political, topical or cultural to do. To help you find those events, here is the Politico Calendar for March 2020. Continue reading “The Politico Calendar for March 2020”

The Politico Calendar for January 2020

We’ve made it! Tomorrow’s the start of the Roaring ’20s, and once the New Year’s hangover wears off, you might be looking for something neat to do next month, or you might be wondering when that important meeting is going to take place. This is the purpose of the monthly Politico Calendar, and it is here for you again on this first month of the new decade. Continue reading “The Politico Calendar for January 2020”

The Politico Calendar for November 2019

It’s the start of November, and you know what that means: Christmas is almost here! Before we get inundated with all the Yuletide festivities and holiday carols, there’s still an awful lot of stuff to get through, and some of that is listed on this month’s Politico Calendar. Continue reading “The Politico Calendar for November 2019”

The Politico Calendar for October 2019

This is Halloween! Or rather this is the month of Halloween, and under normal circumstances that would be the scariest thing to look forward to, but there are still three weeks left in the Federal Election. The political, the spooky, and everything else are all listed chronologically below in the Politico Calendar for October. Continue reading “The Politico Calendar for October 2019”

Debates and All Candidates Meetings Are Coming this Week

After weeks of issues, discussion and door-knocking, the election really gets busy this week with a trio of upcoming all candidates meetings and debates. You can do it on a bike, or you can check out a discussion about social justice, or you can wait until next week and hear the candidates wrap about the climate. Continue reading “Debates and All Candidates Meetings Are Coming this Week”

The Politico Calendar for September 2019

The above picture, let’s call it the calm before the storm. That means school’s about to be back in session, that means thousands of students are returning to town, and that means September is here with a myriad of new opportunities and new possibilities. Let’s look at the Politico Calendar for September 2019. Continue reading “The Politico Calendar for September 2019”