Guelph Politico Moderates [Almost] All Candidates Panel

In a vexing turn of events, Guelph Politico was invited to moderate an all-candidates meeting at the University of Guelph-Humber on Friday in advance of the provincial election. The topics were largely educational in nature, but might we be here looking to the future and what the tenure and tone of the debate will look like once the writ is dropped?

Hopefully, there will be one difference: the PC candidate will show up. Simmer Sandhu, who’s running in the riding of Brampton East, was a no-show, cancelling 24 hours before the event called “The Panel” was supposed to begin because of a scheduling conflict. The Panel, however, proceeded with the three other candidates, who you can see in the video below from left to right, Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas NDP candidate Sandy Shaw, Liberal MPP for Trinity-Spadina Han Dong, and Brampton Green Party candidate Pauline Thornham.

It was a brisk hour of questions and answers covering what the political parties will do for post-secondary students, what they’ll do to address mental health on campus, and how much post-secondary education should be divided between knowledge-based learning and job training. There were also some questions from audience members and campus groups submitted either online or asked in person at the event.

The Panel was host by the Avro Post, the student newspaper of Guelph-Humber.

To watch the rest of “The Panel”, click here.

Photo credit: The Avro Post

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