Check Out Other Questionnaires from Community Groups

Still in an electoral quandary? Still don’t know who to vote for? Have you read the Guelph Politico candidate questionnaires and found them too general because you have deep-seated concerns about a very specific issue? Well, perhaps one of these local groups who developed their own questionnaire abut the issues they care about have got an answer to a question that you’ve already asked. Maybe, you will find the answer at a link below.

The Guelph Arts Council asked candidates running for mayor and council about their experience with artistic and cultural events here in Guelph, how they will help secure more arts funding, and insure ongoing support from the City for the arts and culture sector.

The Guelph Public Library Board asked the candidates running for mayor and council about their support for library services, and their support to develop a new main library building on Baker Street.

The Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) asked candidates running for mayor and city council about various transit issues, including their support for additional resources and increasing regional transit options.

The Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation asked the mayoral and council candidates their thoughts about Guelph’s commitment to cycling infrastructure, the issues face active transportation goals, their commitment to net zero, and their personal cycling experiences in the city.

A consortium of groups including eMERGE, 10C, Green New Deal, KAIROS, Transition Guelph, Guelph Students for Environmental Change, and the Wellington Water Watchers asked council candidates about establishing interim targets to meeting corporate climate change goals and having each term of council follow up.

The Guelph Urban Forest Friends asked about supporting local efforts to build our tree canopy and support the expansion and protection of our urban forests.

Pollination Guelph asked the mayoral and council candidates about increasing pollinator habitats in Guelph, and protecting current habitats in developing areas of the city plus their favourite type of pollinator.

The Guelph District Health Coalition asked candidates about their support for more long-term care beds in the city, protecting the public health unit from political interference, and safeguarding emergency services from funding cuts.


And lastly, see the council candidate responses to the Get Involved Guelph questionnaire, including topics around affordable housing, the climate crisis, traffic, and downtown revitalization.

Also, the Guelph and Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination has published two different voter guides for the election, one for the City of Guelph, and one for the County of Wellington.

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