CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Mary Thring for Ward 2 Councillor

With only incumbent running in Ward 2, there’s opportunity for someone new running their to join city council, and Mary Thring hopes that voters will choose her. Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Mary Thring for Ward 2 Councillor”

CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – James Gordon for Ward 2 Councillor

With Andy Van Hellemond taking his leave of council, that leaves James Gordon as the one incumbent for Ward 2 to stand for re-election. Can he make the case for voters to give him a second term instead of starting over with a clean slate? Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – James Gordon for Ward 2 Councillor”

Martin Collier (Ward 2) – Candidate Questionnaire

Martin Collier says he could have moved anywhere in the world with his wife Mary, but they decided to settle in Guelph for its “progressive municipal government, unique and historic downtown, multitude of sports and cultural activities, array of wellness practitioners and programs, proximity to nature and, especially, the friendly people.” Continue reading “Martin Collier (Ward 2) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Ray Ferraro (Ward 2) Response to the Candidate Questionnaire

Ray Ferraro is the epitome of a life-long Guelphite. He was born and raised in the Royal City where he has raised two children and six grandchildren. He’s worked over 40 years in the real estate construction and development industry, and has been a member of Guelph’s storied Italian Canadian Club for 35 years. Previously serving as a city councillor during the mayoralty of Kate Quarrie from 2003 to 2006. Below is Ferraro’s response to the Guelph Politico candidate questionnaire: Continue reading “Ray Ferraro (Ward 2) Response to the Candidate Questionnaire”

Chris Keleher Sr. (Ward 2) – Candidate Questionnaire

Chris Keleher Sr. was born and raised in Guelph and currently resides in Ward 2 where he lives with his wife of 34 years; together they have five children and eight grandchildren. He’s currently employed with a local liquid waste removal and disposal company. Keleher says that he decided to run for council noting the increasing dysfunction of the organization leading the city, a trend he started noticing back when he worked for the City of Guelph in the 90s. Continue reading “Chris Keleher Sr. (Ward 2) – Candidate Questionnaire”

James Gordon (Ward 2) – Candidates Questionnaire

If you haven’t heard of James Gordon then welcome to Guelph. After two turns at running in provincial politics, Gordon is now running for city council in Ward 2. Amongst his accolades, Gordon was the first President of the Guelph Civic League, the first Artistic Director of the Hillside Festival, a co-founder of the Wellington Water Watchers, the Founding Chair of the Family Mental Health Network, and winner of Mayor’s Award in 2008 for community service. Above and beyond that, he’s well-known for his contributions to the arts and his career as a singer-songwriter. And now, he’s the first respondent of Guelph Politico’s 2014 Municipal Election candidate questionnaire. Continue reading “James Gordon (Ward 2) – Candidates Questionnaire”

James Gordon to Give Municipal Politics a Try

After two turns running for provincial office, James Gordon is throwing his hat into the Ward 2 race in this fall’s municipal election. Gordon officially filed his papers yesterday joining a five person race (so far) that includes Ray Ferraro, Chris Keleher Sr., Sian Matwey, and Mark Paralovos. Continue reading “James Gordon to Give Municipal Politics a Try”