VIDEO: Guelph Central Station is Complete with Ribbon Cutting

It’s been a long, long road since ground was first broken on Guelph Central Station with the demolition of the old Greyhound Bus Terminal (2011), but the hub is now complete with the official ribbon cutting marking the end of renovations at the historic train station. In a ceremony this morning, Mayor Cam Guthrie, members of council, MP Lloyd Longfield, MPP Liz Sandals, and representatives from VIA Rail, Metrolinx, Greyhound and Guelph Transit re-opened the train station, ready to serve the future. Continue reading “VIDEO: Guelph Central Station is Complete with Ribbon Cutting”

Money for HOPE House Among New Funding for Ontario Non-Profits

A lot of people in Guelph are going to get a lot of help thanks to new funding for Lakeside HOPE House delivered Guelph MPP Liz Sandals today. In an announcement at HOPE House’s downtown location today, Sandals pledged $150,000 over three years to “enhance the financial stability of those that need their help.” Continue reading “Money for HOPE House Among New Funding for Ontario Non-Profits”

Feds Kicking in Nearly $10 Million for Guelph Transit Upgrades

March has been a big month for transit news in the Royal City, so it’s apropos that it goes out like a lamb for city transit nerds with an announcement that the Federal government will be investing nearly $9.7 million in Guelph Transit improvements including new vehicles, new fair boxes, new shelters, and upgrades to traffic signalling. Continue reading “Feds Kicking in Nearly $10 Million for Guelph Transit Upgrades”

2 Dates Lloyd Longfield Wants You to Know About, and 1 He Maybe Doesn’t

It’s that time of year to get together again with old friends, and our local Member of Parliament is looking to get together with you. Lloyd Longfield sent out notice of a couple of important dates coming up where he’s inviting Guelphites to see him and talk in person. Meanwhile, a local advocacy group wants to talk to Longfield en masse about a promise maybe he and the Liberals aren’t keep… Continue reading “2 Dates Lloyd Longfield Wants You to Know About, and 1 He Maybe Doesn’t”

Liz Sandals Shuffled Off Education in Cabinet Shuffle

Almost two years to the day of their surprise return to majority government status, the provincial Liberals, and Premier Kathleen Wynne, shuffled the cabinet this morning. Among the maneuvers, Guelph’s own cabinet member, MPP Liz Sandals, will no longer be serving as Minister of Education, but don’t call this a demotion. She’s still a member of the now two-fifths female Ontario cabinet. Continue reading “Liz Sandals Shuffled Off Education in Cabinet Shuffle”

Sandals and Moridi $23 Million for Renos at the OVC

Today at the Lifetime Learning Centre at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College, the Government of Ontario announced it was spending $23 million to renovated the present OVC building, and build a new one. The cheque is part of the provincial government’s pledge to spend $160 billion over 12 years on infrastructure improvements across Ontario; $3 billion of which is capital grants to improve post-secondary institutions over the next 10 years. Continue reading “Sandals and Moridi $23 Million for Renos at the OVC”

VIDEO: Infrastructure and Environment at Top of Mind at New Year’s Levee

When everyone got to the Italian Canadian Club Sunday for the annual New Year’s Levee with the Member of Parliament and the Member of Provincial Parliament it was pouring down rain, but as they left there was already a substantial amount of snow on the ground. It almost seemed like a metaphor, perhaps a statement about how quickly change can come. As for the levee itself, change was definitely a theme as Lloyd Longfield and Liz Sandals have a lot of work to get done on some pretty big issues if those in attendance have any say. Continue reading “VIDEO: Infrastructure and Environment at Top of Mind at New Year’s Levee”

Wynne Announces New Funding in Guelph for Ontario’s Sexual Assault Centres

One in three women will experience sexual assault in her lifetime. A statistic like that is one of the many reasons that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne came to Guelph today to announce $1.75 million in new funding for the province’s 42 sexual assault centres. The funding will be in addition to the $14.6 million that those centres already receive, and constitutes an ongoing financial commitment to the base funding that allows services like Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis (WIC) to help the survivors of sexual violence who need their assistance. Continue reading “Wynne Announces New Funding in Guelph for Ontario’s Sexual Assault Centres”

Sex Ed Protestors Try Again to Get Sandals’ Attention

It was a hot and sunny day, perhaps too hot and sunny to spend an hour standing on the scorching sidewalk outside your local Member of Provincial Parliament’s office, but that was the scene in Downtown Guelph today as several concerned parents once again tried to lodge their displeasure with Ontario’s revamped sex education curriculum. Continue reading “Sex Ed Protestors Try Again to Get Sandals’ Attention”

Schreiner is Staying in Guelph for 2018

It’s municipal election craziness time across Ontario so you might have missed the news, but at their recent annual general meeting, the Green Party of Ontario agreed by a margin of 96 per cent to keep Mike Schreiner as their leader. Coming out of that news though is that when the next provincial election comes around again in 2018, Schreiner will run again in Guelph. Continue reading “Schreiner is Staying in Guelph for 2018”