Former Premier Kathleen Wynne Won’t Seek Re-election in 2022

In news that’s probably not a surprise to anyone in provincial politics, but former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne revealed in a new interview that she will not seek re-election in 2022. After shirking the traditional quite resignation following the overwhelming defeat of her party in 2018, Wynne stayed on as one of seven Liberal MPPs, but her political career will soon officially come to an end. Continue reading “Former Premier Kathleen Wynne Won’t Seek Re-election in 2022”

Wynne Admits She Won’t Be Premier After Thursday

In a surprising moment, in an election filled with surprising moments, the current Premier of the Province of Ontario confessed that her days in the office are numbered, and that she’s unlikely to emerge the victor of Thursday’s vote. Instead, Kathleen Wynne wants you to send a minority message to the New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives. Continue reading “Wynne Admits She Won’t Be Premier After Thursday”


It was a major conference of municipal leaders, influencers, and business people. Appearing live on stage where politicians from the three major parties, including the interim leader of the Official Opposition, and the Premier of Ontario. Only one person could interview them on the issues that matter, and get straight answers, and somehow, that person was me. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #127 – The OGRA Sessions”

The Provincial Election Has More or Less Begun

Although we know it’s been coming for months (if not years), Premier Kathleen Wynne made the move today to finally drop the writ and let the election for the 42nd Ontario legislature begin. Continue reading “The Provincial Election Has More or Less Begun”

Leaders Debate? Schreiner Says He’ll Be There With “Grassroots Demand”

Despite a grassroots effort, a petition, and the seal of approval from the Premier herself, a consortium of broadcasters announced yesterday that Green Party leader, and Guelph MPP candidate, Mike Schreiner will not be taking part in the main televised leadership debate on May 27. Schreiner, himself, is not impressed. Continue reading “Leaders Debate? Schreiner Says He’ll Be There With “Grassroots Demand””

Liz Sandals Shuffled Off Education in Cabinet Shuffle

Almost two years to the day of their surprise return to majority government status, the provincial Liberals, and Premier Kathleen Wynne, shuffled the cabinet this morning. Among the maneuvers, Guelph’s own cabinet member, MPP Liz Sandals, will no longer be serving as Minister of Education, but don’t call this a demotion. She’s still a member of the now two-fifths female Ontario cabinet. Continue reading “Liz Sandals Shuffled Off Education in Cabinet Shuffle”

Wynne Announces New Funding in Guelph for Ontario’s Sexual Assault Centres

One in three women will experience sexual assault in her lifetime. A statistic like that is one of the many reasons that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne came to Guelph today to announce $1.75 million in new funding for the province’s 42 sexual assault centres. The funding will be in addition to the $14.6 million that those centres already receive, and constitutes an ongoing financial commitment to the base funding that allows services like Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis (WIC) to help the survivors of sexual violence who need their assistance. Continue reading “Wynne Announces New Funding in Guelph for Ontario’s Sexual Assault Centres”

More Ontario By-Elections on Feb 13

Because it’s never not election time somewhere, Premier Kathleen Wynne has called two more by-elections for February 13 in the ridings of Thornhill and Niagara Falls. This will be the ninth and tenth by-election for the Province of Ontario since the formation of the last government in October 2011, but unlike last summer’s contentious five-race rally that was all for Liberal seats, this will a showdown to see if the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives can keep their individual seats in Niagara and Thornhill respectively, or if maybe one of the parties will able to make up some ground one place or another. Continue reading “More Ontario By-Elections on Feb 13”

The BTBB Awards for 2013

I’m writing this both as a way of organizing my own thoughts and encapsulating the year that was according to the criteria of the annual “Beyond the Ballot Box” Awards show. These year end analyses are always tricky; a balancing act of what was important, what was fascinating and what was overlooked. For this year’s awards show, I was very conscious to sidestep around the words “Rob Ford,” as he could have easily taken the prize in two, maybe three, of the categories. The truth is that even without RoFo, there was still a lot of material out there. I’ll be interested to hear what the rest of the gang has to say, and who they give out their awards to (and by the time this article goes live, we’ll all know). For now though, here’s my BTTB Award winners, and my reasoning for their getting the laurels. Continue reading “The BTBB Awards for 2013”