Ford Unveils New, Mostly Old, Cabinet

Under appropriately bright blue skies, the new cabinet for the newly re-election Ontario government under Doug Ford was sworn in outside Queen’s Park on Friday. The new 30-member cabinet does contain a few newly elected faces, but it’s mostly made up of tried and true politicians who are returning to the roles and the parts they played at the end of the last session. Continue reading “Ford Unveils New, Mostly Old, Cabinet”

Ford Shuffles Cabinet and Key Ministers in Pre-Election Reset

This time next year, the Provincial Election will be complete, and a new government will be in charge of Ontario for another four-year term. For now, it’s kind of like there’s a new government as Premier Doug Ford took part in the regular pre-election tradition of shuffling the cabinet. Some ministers got new gigs, some back-benchers got promotions, and, as always, there were a few surprises. Continue reading “Ford Shuffles Cabinet and Key Ministers in Pre-Election Reset”

Ford Announces Massive Cabinet Shake-Up Nearly One Year After Swearing In

Not even one year after the Progressive Conservative government was sworn in at Queen’s Park, Premier Doug Ford has shuffled his cabinet, and not just a minor shuffle. In all, the cabinet was increased by seven people, and over 20 members of the old cabinet were shifted to new positions including high profile ministers like Vic Fedeli, Lisa MacLeod, and Caroline Mulroney. Continue reading “Ford Announces Massive Cabinet Shake-Up Nearly One Year After Swearing In”

Liz Sandals Shuffled Off Education in Cabinet Shuffle

Almost two years to the day of their surprise return to majority government status, the provincial Liberals, and Premier Kathleen Wynne, shuffled the cabinet this morning. Among the maneuvers, Guelph’s own cabinet member, MPP Liz Sandals, will no longer be serving as Minister of Education, but don’t call this a demotion. She’s still a member of the now two-fifths female Ontario cabinet. Continue reading “Liz Sandals Shuffled Off Education in Cabinet Shuffle”