COVID Knocks Schreiner Out of In-Person Campaigning

There’s still a pandemic going on. It might not seem like it, but there are people still catching COVID-19 and still having to self-isolate until they post a negative test result. Not a great position to find yourself in during a busy election campaign, but it’s the position that Green Party of Ontario leader and Guelph candidate Mike Schreiner finds himself in. For now, COVID has knocked Schreiner off the campaign trail. Continue reading “COVID Knocks Schreiner Out of In-Person Campaigning”

RECAP: Candidates Trade Vaguely Complimentary Agendas at Chamber Debate

Once again, it was left to centre-left only at a local provincial election debate, which was especially surprising given that Wednesday it was the Guelph Chamber of Commerce’s turn to ask the questions. Three of the four main party candidates covered a wide spectrum of issues from healthcare to transportation to affordability and economic opportunity. Submitted for your approval, the recap of the most recent Guelph candidates debate. Continue reading “RECAP: Candidates Trade Vaguely Complimentary Agendas at Chamber Debate”

Board of Health Has Positive Outlook on Current Pandemic Conditions

The Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Board of Health met on Wednesday in a hybrid format. For the first time in over two years most board members and staff got together in the same room at Public Health’s Chancellors Way headquarters while others tuned in via Zoom, so one might be forgiven for assuming that the pandemic is almost over. Dr. Nicola Mercer made it clear though that there’s still some I’s to dot and T’s to cross. Continue reading “Board of Health Has Positive Outlook on Current Pandemic Conditions”


Wellington-Halton Hills is a big riding, extending from Puslinch to Centre Wellington and out east all the way to Erin and Halton Hills, so experience counts, and it’s hard to get more experience than Ted Arnott who’s represented the area since 1990. Can anyone challenge 32 years of longevity in what’s a fairly safe Conservative riding? Diane Ballantyne would like to volunteer. Continue reading “WELLINGTON-HALTON HILLS POLITICAST 2022 – Diane Ballantyne, NDP Candidate”

RECAP: Guelph Provincial Election Candidates Face Off in First Debate

On the second full day of the 2022 Ontario provincial election, some of the candidates vying to be the next Member of Provincial Parliament for Guelph met for a live and in-person debate at Bishop Macdonell High School. Candidates took turns answer the issues important to young people like mental health, housing affordability, climate change and more. You watch the debate on YouTube, or follow the live tweets below. Continue reading “RECAP: Guelph Provincial Election Candidates Face Off in First Debate”

Another COVID-19 Outbreak at Guelph General Hospital

It’s lucky number seven at Guelph General Hospital with the announcement today that there’s another COVID-19 outbreak at that facility. Since just before Christmas 2021, it’s seemed like there’s been a new COVID outbreak every couple of weeks, the last one was on April 5 and cancelled about 10 days later, but this outbreak comes at a moment as many outbreaks in area healthcare facilities have come to an end. Continue reading “Another COVID-19 Outbreak at Guelph General Hospital”

Guelph General Prez Walker Now the COVID Lead for the Region

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, and that’s why an important position has been filled at the top of the regional COVID response, the hospital lead. The position was vacated earlier this month, but it’s now been filled by none other than the Guelph General Hospital’s CEO Marianne Walker, who notes hospitals are still being challenged by both the number of patients with COVID, and the number of staff members who are also sick. Continue reading “Guelph General Prez Walker Now the COVID Lead for the Region”

Latest Hospital Outbreak Over, U of G Keeping Masks

The pandemic continues to affect life here in Guelph and around Ontario (not to mention Canada and the rest of the planet), but it is affecting us a little less today. The latest outbreak at Guelph General Hospital has been officially called off, but across town at the campus of the University of Guelph, the continued spread of COVID-19 has forced the school’s administration to halt a planned end to certain mandates. Continue reading “Latest Hospital Outbreak Over, U of G Keeping Masks”

Dr. Moore Reappears to Try and Calm Fears Around the Sixth Wave

Over a month since the last time he appeared in front of reporters, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario Dr. Kieran Moore returned to the media studio at Queen’s Park to respond to the sixth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. While he proposed no new mandates, there was a potential for the reconsideration of lifting future mandates at the end of the month, plus the expansion of therapeutics. Continue reading “Dr. Moore Reappears to Try and Calm Fears Around the Sixth Wave”

Opposition Parties Unite… To Call For Mask Mandates

Remember mask mandates? We had them just a few weeks ago, and mysteriously, once they were removed by the Government of Ontario as of March 21, COVID-19 cases started going up again. Using this advanced scientific reasoning, Ontario’s three main opposition party leaders spend their Thursday calling on the provincial government to bring back mask mandates in some form. Continue reading “Opposition Parties Unite… To Call For Mask Mandates”