New COVID Outbreak in Guelph General Hits Two Wings

It’s not exactly the news you want to post as the region continues to struggle to get COVID-19 under control, but the Guelph General Hospital announced on Wednesday night that they’re now dealing with another outbreak in two of their wings. Four patients and one staff member have been hit by the virus, as Guelph’s Hospital stands as the only institution in Wellington, Dufferin, and Guelph now dealing with a COVID outbreak. Continue reading “New COVID Outbreak in Guelph General Hits Two Wings”

U of G Increases COVID Monitoring and Enforcement After Outbreak

The second wave of COVID-19 continues to wash over the province although there are some signs that we’ve hit the high water mark and the deluge has started to recede. The story looks a bit different on the University of Guelph campus though where Frost Week celebrations on the January 15 weekend ended up becoming a super-spreader event. The U of G’s making it known that they’re putting their foot down. Continue reading “U of G Increases COVID Monitoring and Enforcement After Outbreak”

COVID Outbreak at U of G Gets 7 Cases, Maybe More

On Thursday night, the University of Guelph posted news to its website that no one likely took any joy in sharing. After “unsanctioned social gatherings” (plural) in the East Village Townhouse residences, the U of G has announced at last seven new cases of COVID-19, and the declaration of an outbreak by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health. These cases represent the most serious outbreak of COVID on campus so far. Continue reading “COVID Outbreak at U of G Gets 7 Cases, Maybe More”

COVID-19 Outbreak Declared at Guelph General Hospital

Although vaccines have started going out across the county, there’s still a lot of time left to live in this pandemic before most of us get one, and that case was proven again today with the announcement that there’s a COVID-19 outbreak at Guelph General Hospital. The administration at the General announced today that they’re declaring an outbreak in one of their wards, which has so far affected patients, but not staff. Continue reading “COVID-19 Outbreak Declared at Guelph General Hospital”