GUELPH POLITICAST #359 – Starting Fresh

For this first new podcast of 2023, let’s clear the air. In the process of going non-stop, 52 weeks a year on all the issues that come at us on a regular basis, how often do we just stop and take stock? How can we keep up with everything and not get caught in the undertow? How can we overcome that feeling that we’re not doing enough and stay hopeful in an ever changing world?

Let’s stop and think about where we are on Wednesday February 1, 2023. The pandemic isn’t over, even if we’re pretty much acting like it’s over. We have issues with homelessness and mental health, but despite a community-wide response it feels like we’re only making a drop in the bucket. We’re faced with economic inequality, social inequality, environmental degradation, and, oh yeah, the Nazis are back! No wonder we have a mental health crisis.

It’s easy to get stuck in this feeling of malaise. Public participation is down with pitifully low voter turnout and a dramatic decrease in the number of available volunteers. People are feeling tapped out after three years of being on their toes, always adapting to a shifting landscape that often pivots on a dime, so it shouldn’t be very surprising that people don’t have the energy for even paying attention to politics, let alone changing the world. If you’re somewhere between anger and exhaustion, you’re not alone.

To help us sort these conflicting feelings, we’re joined by John Borthwick, who is the minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in downtown Guelph. He’s going to talk about how to centre ourselves in the maelstrom of issues coming at us everyday, and why we should embrace the adaptability of human beings. He will also discuss the struggle to listen and understand each other despite our differences, and why nostalgia is both attractive and damaging. And finally, he will talk about his 20 years in Guelph, and how the community has changed for the better, and the worse, in that time.

Let’s talk about starting fresh on this week’s Guelph Politicast!

If you’re in need of spiritual guidance you can find Reverend Borthwick at the pulpit every Sunday morning at St. Andrew’s on Norfolk Street, which is also still broadcast on YouTube on the church’s channel @standrewsguelph. For something a little more secular, you can follow him on Twitter.

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