COVID Assessment Centre Now Does Cold and Flu Too

Now you may be asking yourself, “The COVID-19 Assessment Centre is still in business?” As a matter of fact, it is. It’s still on Southgate Road in the south end, and it’s still a resource for people who’ve caught COVID-19, but in the wake of a super-charged cold and flu season, plus the high number of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases, local medical authorities have made the call that the COVID assessment centre needs to expand services. Continue reading “COVID Assessment Centre Now Does Cold and Flu Too”

Guelph COVID Testing Centre is Now Only Taking Appointments by Phone

Like other COVID-19 testing centres and assessment clinics across the province, the Guelph clinic is now moving to a model of accepting appointments for testing by phone only. At the same time, the Provincial government is touting its record of testing and its commitment to add capacity despite the fact that the medical staff on the frontlines of testing are overwhelmed. Continue reading “Guelph COVID Testing Centre is Now Only Taking Appointments by Phone”

Concerns Grow About Assessment Centre Waiting Times

As new daily cases of COVID-19 reach heights not seen since the spring, people are understandably concerned about their own safety. But the rush in demand for information and testing is starting to make people ask questions about whether or not our own local public health unit is capable of handling the increased demand. And yesterday, Guelph’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre had to shut down early… Continue reading “Concerns Grow About Assessment Centre Waiting Times”

COVID Assessment Clinic On the Move Again

For the second time since March, and the start of the pandemic, the COVID-19 Assessment Clinic established by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, and administered by the Guelph Family Health Team, will be moving. Starting next week, those in need of a COVID-19 test will have to make their way to the south end to find out if they have the virus. Continue reading “COVID Assessment Clinic On the Move Again”

Public Health Issues Statement on Death at Assessment Clinic

These are scary times, and one would think that showing up at a medical clinic might give one a little bit of hope and safety. Yesterday though, the COVID-19 assessment centre saw a bit of tragedy of its own as a person reportedly passed away Friday morning at the clinic, which forced the temporary closure of the facility. Continue reading “Public Health Issues Statement on Death at Assessment Clinic”