GUELPH POLITICAST #359 – Starting Fresh

For this first new podcast of 2023, let’s clear the air. In the process of going non-stop, 52 weeks a year on all the issues that come at us on a regular basis, how often do we just stop and take stock? How can we keep up with everything and not get caught in the undertow? How can we overcome that feeling that we’re not doing enough and stay hopeful in an ever changing world? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #359 – Starting Fresh”

Hundreds Take to the Streets in Guelph to Support Palestinians

As bombs fell and rocket fire was exchanged in Israel again on Saturday, hundreds of Guelph residents attended a march downtown to support the Palestinian people who are once again barring the brunt of this new wave of violence in the Middle East. The large Guelph turnout was one of a number of such protests around Canada Saturday as local anger over international affairs boiled over. Continue reading “Hundreds Take to the Streets in Guelph to Support Palestinians”

After a Decade, a Settlement is Finally Reached with G20 Protestors

The year was 2010. Things started rough with a massive earthquake in Haiti, President Barack Obama got the Affordable Care Act passed but it came at the cost of one of the biggest midterm sweeps in American history, and Spain won that year’s FIFA World Cup. Meanwhile, in Toronto, whatever goals there were for the G20 Summit were overshadowed by violence in the streets and the overreaction by Toronto Police that’s now been backed up with a court settlement. Continue reading “After a Decade, a Settlement is Finally Reached with G20 Protestors”