New Ontario Budget Almost the Same as the Old One

It was a busy day at Queen’s Park as the Lieutenant Governor delivered the Speech from the Throne, and then the Government of Ontario re-delivered the 2022 provincial budget. There were a few slight tweaks between the one delivered back in April and the one that now awaits passage nearly six months after the start of the Province’s fiscal year, but there was one particular point of interest that got the most attention. Continue reading “New Ontario Budget Almost the Same as the Old One”

Over 200 Advocacy Groups Demand Immediate Increase to Social Assistance

A coalition of 230 social services and community groups have called on the Provincial government and Premier Doug Ford to double Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) rates. In an open letter, the group says that current crises around poverty, homelessness and mental health can all be tied to years of under-funding in social services, and doubling the rates would be a good start to begin a redress. Continue reading “Over 200 Advocacy Groups Demand Immediate Increase to Social Assistance”

Schreiner Asks Ford to Double ODSP Rates Now!

The election campaign is over, but even the candidates that won are still looking to make good on election promises. In the midst of the 2022 provincial election campaign that returned Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives to office nearly two weeks ago, newly elected Guelph MPP made a promise to double the rates people receiving ODSP. Now Schreiner is insistently asking Ford to keep his promise. Continue reading “Schreiner Asks Ford to Double ODSP Rates Now!”