CRTC Demanding Answers from Rogers About Outage

Barely four days after a Canada-wide service interruption on the Rogers network, the head of Canada’s telecom regulator is calling the company out and demanding a fulsome explanation. A statement on Tuesday from the chairperson and CEO of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has a list of questions for Rogers, and he wants them answered almost immediately. Continue reading “CRTC Demanding Answers from Rogers About Outage”

Nation-wide Rogers Black Out Causes Local Issues

How’s you’re internet? As of Friday evening, reports starting coming in that some people were able to get reports again, and that news was that phone, TV, and internet for some Rogers customers had been restored. In the hustle and bustle to get Canada back online, there’s still no word on what went wrong, but the effects – both local and national – will likely be felt for days to come. Continue reading “Nation-wide Rogers Black Out Causes Local Issues”

Concerns About Access Follow Guelph Chamber Debate

When it comes to local campaign, the major event of any race is the debate hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. But the Chamber is under fire from a couple of different corners after this past Wednesday’s debate, from accusations of not allowing access, to being undemocratic, to not being able to watch the debate live on Rogers. Continue reading “Concerns About Access Follow Guelph Chamber Debate”

New Council Term Comes with Live Streaming!

Ward 6 Councillor Mark MacKinnon will be starting off the new term being watched by the cameras that he insisted be funded. The City of Guelph confirmed today that the inaugural meeting of city council Monday will be the first to be live-streamed by the City of Guelph itself.  Continue reading “New Council Term Comes with Live Streaming!”

Rogers Update: They’re Not Going Anywhere

Last week, I posted about some concerning social media posts concerning Rogers Guelph, that a program that promotes many events and programs in the City was cancelled and that the Rogers studio on Silvercreek Pkwy was closing. In what will surely be a relief to many, I got an official word from Rogers that our Guelph facilities aren’t going anywhere. Continue reading “Rogers Update: They’re Not Going Anywhere”

What’s Going On With Guelph’s Rogers Channel?

What’s going on with Guelph’s Rogers Channel? That’s a question I started asking myself yesterday when I found a tweet from Inside Guelph, a talk show that airs weekdays on Rogers Cable 20. Or rather it did. The mysterious tweet, which has since been deleted, implied that not only was the Royal City’s local human interest show been cancelled, but that the entire Rogers community access operation was closing. Continue reading “What’s Going On With Guelph’s Rogers Channel?”

MacKinnon Still Considers Cost to Stream Council Meets Reasonable

On budget night, there was an unusual request amongst the potential expenditures presented by the councillors. The honour went to Ward 6’s Mark MacKinnon who proposed that the City spend $20,000 to live stream the city council meetings on the City of Guelph website, and though the motion got voted down by the rest of council, MacKinnon still thinks that it was potentially $20,000 that would have been well spent considering the return on investment in enhancing our democracy. Continue reading “MacKinnon Still Considers Cost to Stream Council Meets Reasonable”

Dates for Chamber Debates Set

Along with signs and canvassing, one of the sure indications that you’re in the middle of an election season is the announcement of debates. As per usual, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a series of debates for all the candidates from the various wards and the mayor races. In addition, the University of Guelph will be hosting its own electoral debate/get-together at the end of the month. Below find the details of the upcoming announced debates. Continue reading “Dates for Chamber Debates Set”