CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Mark Paralovos for Ward 1/5 Upper Grand District School Board Trustee

“Parents should be able to have an open dialogue with Trustees, without fear of being labelled or ostracized because their views don’t neatly align with those of the Board. I want MUCH better representation in the Board, and I want to foster a space where parents can express their opinions to the Board and be heard fairly and courteously.” Continue reading “CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – Mark Paralovos for Ward 1/5 Upper Grand District School Board Trustee”

Masking Skeptics Take Part in Board of Health Meeting

On Wednesday, a couple of U.S. states cancelled all COVID-19 restrictions to allow businesses to re-open to 100 per cent capacity and to no longer require mask mandates. That was speaking the language of one delegate at Wednesday’s Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Board of Health meeting who said that mandatory masking at area schools was “abuse” and “violates our basic rights.” Continue reading “Masking Skeptics Take Part in Board of Health Meeting”

RECAP: The Seven Male Candidates Face Off at the Basilica

In what have been the most wild debate night in Guelph yet for this election cycle, the seven male candidates faced off in the basement of the Basilica of Our Lady in what could only be described a lively chat over questions submitted by the audience. Did abortion come up? You better believe it did. Twice. Check out the tweet-by-tweet recap below. Continue reading “RECAP: The Seven Male Candidates Face Off at the Basilica”

RECAP: The Guelph Chamber’s Federal Candidates Debate

On Wednesday night, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce held its regular candidates debate in the council chambers of City Hall. It was a first for new Chamber President and CEO Shakiba Shayani, and it featured a rare appearance by the Conservative candidate. Many questions were asked, and many were answered. Here’s the recap. Continue reading “RECAP: The Guelph Chamber’s Federal Candidates Debate”

Truscott and Paravolos Visit Open Sources Guelph

It was back-to-back candidate chat this past Thursday on Open Sources Guelph as two of the candidates stopped by the studio. In the first half, we had Christian Heritage Party candidate Gordon Truscott, and in the second half, we had People’s Party Candidate Mark Paralovos. What all did they have to say? Continue reading “Truscott and Paravolos Visit Open Sources Guelph”

Surprise Candidate, Unsurprising Snub Marks Social Justice Debate

A benchmark for any election season, the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice and other partner groups hosted the Social Justice debate Thursday night at the Italian Canadian Club. There weren’t many fireworks, but it was the first time that all the candidates were together in one place at one time. Well, almost. Continue reading “Surprise Candidate, Unsurprising Snub Marks Social Justice Debate”

Better Ballot Returns and Expands For the Federal Election

Members of the Canadian Federation of University Women are are trying again to make a better election period by urging candidates to join the Better Ballot Campaign. The promotion was launched Wednesday evening at the 10C Shared Community Space, and this time, the project is going nation-wide. Continue reading “Better Ballot Returns and Expands For the Federal Election”

Bernier Comes to Guelph and Talks About Stuff (Non-partisan Headline)

After much controversy, Maxime Bernier landed in Guelph Friday night for a town hall style engagement with local People’s Party of Canada candidate Mark Paralovos. The nearly two-hour discussion covered a wide-range of topics, and the answers are as unlikely to persuade critics as they are likely to dissuade supporters. Continue reading “Bernier Comes to Guelph and Talks About Stuff (Non-partisan Headline)”

Brace Yourselves, Maxime Bernier is Coming

He was one of the most controversial appointees ever in Stephen Harper’s cabinet, he came within a hair’s breath of becoming the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, and then he struck out and started his own national political party. Is the Maxime Bernier message going to appeal to Guelph? We’re about to find out. Continue reading “Brace Yourselves, Maxime Bernier is Coming”

GUELPH POLITICAST #162 – Guelph EDA of the People’s Party of Canada

In just six months, the People’s Party of Canada has run candidates in three by-elections, finished a strong fourth place in Burnaby-South with 10.6 per cent of the vote, and has set-up electoral district associations, or EDAs, in all 338 Federal ridings, including Guelph. Like it or not, the PPC is a real political force in Canada now. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #162 – Guelph EDA of the People’s Party of Canada”